LIP SYNC 2019! 

    Rules for Auditions October 10th


    • Lip Sync Dates are November 8 and 9 and Dress rehearsal Dates are November 4 and 6 at 6pm. You must be able to attend ALL dates. Ask  your employer for these days OFF now. If you have a conflict you must speak with Mrs. O’Dell or Ms. Frohlich personally. If you do not show you will be removed from the Lip Sync. 

    • Auditions will take place on October 10 in the auditorium or you can submit an audition video to afrohlich@saugerties.k12.ny.us or codell@saugerties.k12.ny.us using Google Drive by Thursday, October 10. 

    • All school rules apply.

    • Respect all teacher and student volunteers. 

    • Live music acts are expected to bring all of the equipment required for their act.  One cordless microphone with a PA speaker will be available. However, a video audition may be easier.

    • Lip Sync dance acts are expected to bring an  MP3 or WAV file on a flash drive to auditions OR E-MAIL afrohlich@saugerties.k12.ny.usNO MP4 FILES, PLEASE.

    • Music to be used in the show must be used during auditions.  Any professional alterations (editing, mixing, dubbing) must have been done prior to your audition.

    • The entire act must be performed during the audition.  Incomplete acts or partially choreographed acts will not be considered for performance.  

    • All participants must be members of Saugerties Junior/Senior High.

    • Each student may be in a total of three (3) acts.  He or she may be the lead in one act and may be a back-up performer in two other acts.

    • Auditions are ‘closed.’  Performers will not be allowed in the auditorium during other’s auditions, unless the performing act requests their presence.

    • Some acts may be asked to come for a  Call-Backs.

    • Performance rules for selected acts will be distributed after auditions have been completed. 


Last Modified on October 8, 2019