• SHS Science Alliance Constitution

    MISSION: Our mission as the Saugerties High School Science Alliance is to enrich, encourage, and expand the knowledge of the sciences for our students by providing them with the opportunities to participate in science activities. This includes field trips, guest speakers, science fairs, demonstrations as well as various workshops.

    I. Administration                                                                     

    A. Responsibilities

    1. All officers are expected to attend extra meetings every month, help run meetings and activities, organize events, and have a project in the Science Fair.

    B. Elections

    1. Nominations for officers are held on the first Tuesday meeting in September. These nominees are required to attend a meeting the following Tuesday in discussion of each officer’s responsibilities. Elections are held on the second meeting. Officers are determined by the majority vote and announced immediately after the vote and during homeroom the next day.

    II. Officers

    A. President

    1. The president’s responsibilities include organizing the club’s agenda, commencing meetings, keeping order during meetings, instructing the club in activities, closing the meeting, and if needed, staying to help clean up.

    B. Vice President

    1. The vice president’s responsibilities include taking the attendance at the beginning of a meeting, activity, or event, and assisting in all other activities not specified by any certain officer.

    2. A vice president will also serve as the president if the president should be absent or unable to fulfill their responsibilities for any reason. The president shall resume their full responsibilities upon their return.

    C. Treasurer

    1. The treasurer’s responsibilities include the full management of all club finances and keeping the record books.

    D. Secretary

    1. The secretary’s responsibilities include completing most paper work assignments for the club. The secretary must make sure that there are announcements for meetings and events on the announcements regularly.

    E. If an officer neglects or is unable to perform these duties, they will be removed from office by a majority vote of the advisor and remaining officers. You must attend the majority of the meetings of the school year and fulfill all your duties, or can be voted out by other officers or upon discretion by the advisors.

    III. Events

    A. Travel

    B. New York City field trips

    C. Star Party

    D. SHS Science Fair

    E. New Paltz Planetarium

    F. Guest Speakers

    G. Teaching scientific subjects at various elementary schools

    H. Data Jam & Hudson River Sweep/Snapshot

    I. SHS Garden

    J. Reptile Expo

    K. Fundraisers

    IV. Student Conduct

    All school rules apply to members.

    Each student is to be held responsible for their actions.

    Attendance Policy:
    To remain in good standing, members are expected to attend club meetings at least once a month and if not, may miss out on opportunities for members. Members are obligated to attend the annual science fair, star party and other important events unless an emergency arises.

    V. Fundraising

    A. The object of club fundraising is to enable all club members to take advantage of field trip offers and increase funds for club activities.

    B. Each member has their individual account for their fundraising money

Last Modified on October 21, 2021