• Welcome to the Track and Field Club! 
     Throwers:  Work on the Hip drill, the block drill with the non throwing arm, glide and spins, at least 20X each.
      If you have an implement at home you can throw on your own.
    Practice going through the motions of a throw without an implement. REmember: load or lean back on your rear leg, turn our heel out and push your hip forward as pull the other hip back so you square up to the direction of the throw,  stay behind your front leg as it stiffens and lastly have your body pull your arm through to start the throw.
    Do wood chopper exercise with or without a weight.  Build up to at least 50.
    Body weight squats 3 sets of 10
    Push ups- 3 sets of as many as you can do at once.
    Check out some beginner throwers youtube sites.

    Spring Track 2020 – Runners, Triple and Long Jumpers Workout Sheet


    45 minutes easy, Core Work * – 50 push-ups, 50 crunches, minute plank, balance tennis ball drill

     10 min easy run, 15 min hard, 10 min easy, 7 min hard

    50 sit-ups, 45 sec plank

    45 minutes easy, Core Work *

    30 minutes easy, Striders of 50m, - stride up, jog back and repeat 10x.   50 sit-ups, 45 sec plank

    Find a hill – 10 repeats, 30 min recovery run - – Core Work


    10 min warm up – go at mile pace for 5 min 4x, 10 min cool down, Core Work

    50 min easy run,

    50 sit-ups, 45 sec plank

    Steps up on a bench – 30x, jump rope or skier jumps – 3x for 20m, 40 min jog

    50 min easy, Core Work

    4 x 400m or 60 seconds, 4x 800m or 3 min

    Plank for 50 seconds, 50 crunches


Last Modified on March 13, 2020