•  Saugerties Junior/Senior High School

    World/Foreign Language Department

    (Languages Other Than English)

    SCSD offers instruction in French and Spanish at
    the Junior-Senior High School. 
    Our program begins the study of Foreign Languages in 8th grade.
    The majority of students will be enrolled in course 1A. These students complete their Checkpoint A / Level 1 program with a 1B class in 9th grade. Some students are placed in a Level 1 Accelerated course and complete Checkpoint A in grade 8. Level 1 success in the course and on the final examination fulfills the minimum LOTE proficiency for graduation from any New York State High School.
    Students who continue with Foreign Language study and successfully complete Levels 2 and 3 - our Checkpoint B courses -  receive a Regents with Advanced Designation diploma upon graduation. 
    We also offer Spanish 4, Spanish 5, French 4  for college credit through our affiliation with SUNY Albany.  Our University in High School offerings allow students to earn up to 8 college credits before graduating from high school.
     Foreign Language/World Language Department Members for the 2019-2020 school year are listed below:
    Sra. Zoraida Aponte (Z.Ap.)
    Sra. Carolyn Muñoz, Foreign Language Dept. Chair
Last Modified on March 13, 2020