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    Assignments And Excuses When Absent

    Students absent one to three days should email teachers for assignments. Students are required to bring written excuses for the absence to the Attendance or Main Office.

    Academic Eligibility

    Eligibility applies to all interscholastic sports.  Participation in these activities should be an incentive for a student/athlete to fulfill his/her academic responsibilities.
    1.  Every five weeks, an eligibility check will be made.  Teachers will submit a warning letter for all student-athletes for that five-week period to the guidance office.

    2.  A student-athlete receiving three or more failures or failing warning letters will be declared ineligible for a two week period  (No practice or games.)  in which the student-athlete must be passing all of his/her classes at the end of the two week period.  If the student-athlete fails to do this they will be removed for the rest of the season.  If they are able to pass all of their classes they will have to fill out a weekly progress report that will be handed into the coach every Friday.
    3.   A student-athlete receiving two failures or failing warning letters may continue to participate in practice but will not be allowed to play in games for two weeks.  They will be placed on a weekly progress report and must stay 9th period Monday through Thursday with a teacher they are failing or need extra help with.  This must be done prior to participating in his/her interscholastic sports activity.  The athlete is required to present the coach with a written indication that a remedial session was attended.  This process continues for the rest of the season.
    4.  A student-athlete receiving one failure or failing warning letter may continue to participate in practice and games but will be placed on a progress report.  The progress report will be handed every Friday to the coach.  This will continue for the remainder of the season.  (Progress reports will be handed out by the coach after Thursday's practice or the student-athlete can get one from the Athletic Director's office.)
    5.  A student athlete's grade will carry over from the spring to the fall.  With the exception that instead of being ineligible they will automatically start out on a progress report no matter how many failures they had.  That student is considered an at-risk student. 



    Care Of And Responsibility For School Property

    Students are financially responsible for Chromebooks, books, lockers, lock, and other school property issued to them.

    Counseling Center

    Every high school student will be assigned a guidance counselor to help with the selection of courses, scheduling, the college application process, occupational planning, academic progress, personal problems, etc. Students and parents can contact the Counseling Center to make an appointment to see their counselors make appointments to see their counselors as they enter the school before homeroom.

    Below are counseling assignments for this school year:
    Counselor Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 
    S.Egan     A-Fa








    E.Madden  Fe-Lo Den-Martin E-Mi D-Mi
    J.Maugeri Lu-M      
    M.Catalano  N-Z N-Z P-Z Po-Z

    Guidance Office Phone Number: 845-247-6656






    After-school detention is held in 17B from 2:22 to 3:00PM. If you must meet with a teacher when assigned detention, request a Detention Request Form from your teacher, have it signed by the detention supervisor and return the form with your teacher's signature to the Assistant Principal's office by 3:00PM.

    Disciplinary Measures

    The following shall constitute appropriate disciplinary measures authorized by this Student Code of Conduct:

    Reference Number Discipline
    1 Warnings (oral OR written)
    2 Detention
    3 In-school Suspension
    4 Suspension from school for up to five (5) school days
    5 Suspension from school in excess of five (5) school days
    6 Suspension from school for at least one (1) year for possession of a weapon pursuant to the Gun-Free Schools Act of 1994 (subject to the right of the Superintendent to modify such penalty) or, in the case of a student with a disability whose possession of a weapon is determined not to be related to his/her disability, placement in an interim alternative educational setting for a period of forty-five (45) days
    7 Placement in an interim alternative educational setting for a period of up to forty-five (45) days, in the case of a student with a disability whose knowing possession or use of illegal drugs, or sale or solicitation of the sale of a controlled substance at a school or a school function is determined not to be related to his/her disability
    8 Permanent suspension (expulsion)

    Dropping a Course

    For the fall semester, the last day a student may drop a course is October 14th. For the spring semester, it is March 17th. In some cases, a guidance counselor and teacher will encourage a student to stay in a course and to keep trying to pass it. In these cases, when it does not work out even though the student has tried, a course may be dropped after the deadline. In all other situations, students must have the Principal's permission to drop a course.

    Courses dropped after the deadline may have "DP" (dropped passing) or "DF" (dropped failing) added to the transcript of the student.

    Early Dismissal

    Only parents can excuse their children from school early. The following procedures have been established:

    1. Hand in written note signed by parent to the Attendance Office before homeroom.
    2. If a student becomes ill, the nurse & a parent must be notified.
    3. Sign out in the Office before leaving.

    Early Release Program (Permanent)

    An early release program for seniors only is available. Check with your Guidance Counselor for details.

    Electronic Devices in School

    Electronic devices, including but not limited to cell phones, handheld video games, digital music and video devices, personal digital assistants, etc. (except those required for medical and educational access reasons) may not be used or displayed during the school day.  For this purpose, the school day begins when the student enters the building in the morning and ends when the student leaves the building at the end of his/her academic day (including after school activity/extra-help period).  If a student carries an electronic device for use outside of the school day it is to be turned off and put away during school hours.
    These devices are prohibited at all times in locker rooms, bathrooms or any area where a student has a reasonable expectation of privacy.
    If there rules are violated, the device will be confiscated and held until picked up by a parent or guardian.

    Equal Opportunity

    The Saugerties Central School District does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, religion, creed, national origin, marital status, veteran status, gender or disability in its educational programs, activities and employment practices. Inquiries regarding this policy of equal opportunity should be referred to Mr. Larry Mautone, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Saugerties Central Schools, Call Box A, Saugerties, New York 12477. Mr. Mautone is also the school district's Title IX Officer, and can be contacted at 247-6503.

    Extra Help And Activity Period

    Students are encouraged to stay after school from 2:22 to 3:00 PM for academic help from teachers, to participate in club and intramural activities or to study and use the computer lab or library. Transportation is provided.

    Fire Drills

    As required by law, twelve fire drills are conducted during the school year. We will conduct 8 fire drills and 4 lockdown drills. These drills are practice for actual emergencies and must be conducted in the most realistic manner possible. When the emergency alarm sounds, everyone must evacuate the building. Students must follow the instruction of their teacher and exit according to the plan posted in the classroom. If not in a class when the alarm is activated, students are to leave the building at the nearest exit. A quiet evacuation, allowing emergency instructions to be heard, will insure everyone's safety.

    Grading and Report Cards

    The minimum passing grade is 65%. Final averages are computed by averaging the quarterly grades (80%) and the final exam (20%). A grade of 50 is the minimum grade for the first half of all courses for the 9th grade and the 1st quarter for grades 10-12. Afterwards, teachers may assign the actual grade even if it is below 50. Beginning the Summer of 2003, the student's regular school average will be 20% of the final Summer School grade.

    Honor Roll

    To make an honor roll, a student must pass all subjects and earn the following minimum grade when all classes which meet five times per week are averaged.

    Students who show an incomplete grade (INC.) or who do not have a grade in a subject cannot be considered for an honor roll.

    School Nurse and Medicine

    Students who become ill during the school day should report to the school nurse. Unless it is an emergency, always request a pass from your teacher before going to the nurse. The nurse will evaluate your ability to stay in school and contact a parent if it is necessary to send a student home.

    New York State Education Law requires ALL medication be kept in the nurse's office and requires ALL medicine be taken under the supervision of the school nurse.



    The Saugerties Central School system carries student accident insurance. Student personal insurance is primary and school insurance provides secondary coverage on a scheduled basis. All pupil accidents and injuries should be reported immediately to the school nurse or coach.

    Late Bus Passes

    Bus students who remain after school will be issued a late bus pass by his or her ninth period teacher.

    Late Entry

    Twelfth grade students who drive or walk to school and have no classes first period may apply for late entry privilege. Application and approval will be made through the senior high counseling center.


    Students are responsible for keeping their lockers secure. Saugerties High School does not assume responsibility for lost or stolen property. While a student is assigned exclusive use of a locker, vis a vis other students, school authorities may open lockers at any time. Lockers remain the exclusive property of the school and students have no expectation of privacy with respect to their lockers.

    Lost And Found

    Lost and found items should be brought to the office. Students losing items should inquire in the office after making a reasonable search.

    National Honor Society

    Election to the National Honor Society is based on scholarship, service, leadership and character. To be eligible scholastically, one must have earned on average of at least 90% on the basis of two and a half years of work. Members engage in tutoring, the promotion of scholarship and other activities of benefit to the school and community.

    Off Limit Areas

    For the sake of student safety and protection of personal property, only students with a pass may enter school parking lots during the school day.


    Students will be ranked according to their grade point average (GPA). Ranking will be determined by the student's final grade point average in all courses (excluding physical education.)

    Regents Examinations

    Students may not sit for a Regents exam until they have completed an appropriate course of study unless they have received permission to challenge a course from the Principal. Please see your Guidance Counselor for details.

    School Safety

    Firearms, knives and other potentially dangerous instruments are not permitted on school property. Skateboarding, rollerskating/blading, etc. are not permitted on school property.

    Selling and Soliciting

    Selling, soliciting and collecting on school property may be done only with prior permission from a building administrator. Request forms are available in the office.

    Sound Systems

    Students are not to bring sound systems to school for use during the school day. If these items are brought to school for athletic trips, they should be left in the main office.


    Snow Days

    In the event hazardous weather conditions necessitate the closing of school or a delay in opening of schools for the day, the following will announce these facts.

    WGY  WSPK  
    www.cancellations.com   www.saugerties.k12.ny.us


    Student Council

    The Student Council acts as liaison to the school administration on behalf of the students, organizes and sponsors events on behalf of the high school student body, and helps individuals and school groups as appropriate.

    Student Parking

    Student on-campus parking will be operated under the rules established by the High School Administration. A student who is continually late to school may lose his or her parking privileges. Applications for parking will be made through the Main Office.


    Working Papers

    Students under the age of 18 are required by NYS to obtain working papers. Applications & instructions can be obtained in either the Junior or Senior High Office.


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