• Welcome to "Social Distance" Learning 2020!
    I am looking forward to a very successful end of year.  I hope you are as well. Please check here often for any updates and changes. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to add this page as well.
    I am currently trying to decide whether to post your information for  lessons/classwork in schoology or google classroom. I will be experimenting over the next few days with both. I am leaning toward schoology for my Algebra classes since you all should be familiar with this site from checking your grades in the past. Business & Financial Management will most likely be in Google Classroom. Although all classes could be using a mix of both sites.
    Zoom will be a way we can meet in person. I will be able to send you an invite through your school email and you can join the meeting.
    Nearpod is another site where we can meet in small groups and you can take quizzes/tests. This site will also allow us to meet in small groups and I can help you guys with practice problems.  We might have to log in to zoom and nearpod at the same time. 
    Deltamath.com is another site that I will be using for assignments for Algebra classes. When you have an assignment I will give you the link in either schoology or google classroom depending on which we use. I am currently setting up an account for each of you on deltamath. I will let you know when I have those set. You will be able to change your passwords once you get into the program.
    I am looking forward to trying these different methods with you! Since these programs are new to me as well as you I get to be a student along with you! I will be updating these pages as I figure things out. Please check back as often as you can.
    Enjoy the rest of your spring break and I hope you are as excited as I am to get back to work.
    You can check your grades on Schoology.  I hope to be using this site in the near future for your assignments and some quizzes. Log into Schoology at:
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Last Modified on March 25, 2020