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    Hello Parents and Students:
    Before we left school, I gave all students work for about 14 days.  They were given a complete set of notes, homework assignments, and answers. I have since set-up google classroom. I will stay in touch with them through classroom. I will be available for questions and I will be sending assessments through classroom.  Please make sure that they are working on their math assignments 45 minutes per day.  I will do my best with the technology. I will be available to video conference.  I will give them times on classroom.  
    Calculus:  The AP exam will be online this year. It will be on 75% of the curriculum.  Review videos on apcentral start March 25.  I expect all students to participate.  I will also be watching the lessons and I will be available for questions. Students are also to complete the ap tests I sent home with them.  They should send me a copy of their work and their score sheet.  I will do my best with the tecnology.
    PreCalculus:  Students should do one assignment per day. They should use their books, Kahn Academy, and Delta Math. Delta Math has several examples for each topic. You can continue to answers questions until you feel you understand.  It is a great website for PreCalculus. I will let them know about assessments. Their 3rd quarter grades are complete.  Please email me with any questions. Students are supposed to start on March 30th. I contacted UCCC about the final and they have not made any decisions to date.  I will let you know when I know. 
    Fundamental Lab Classes:   I have invited lab students to google classroom.  Those of you who have yet to accept my invitation, please do so. Complete the work that your classroom teachers assign. If there is anything that I can help with, let me know.
    Please stay safe and we will get through this.
    Miss Cacchillo
    Enjoy the pictures.  They help to make Math fun and enjoyable!
    Beautiful Dance Moves
    Calculus is amazing
    What now .....
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