• Welcome!
    Try clicking on my cell phone in the picture to get my contact information
    Try clicking on my desk calendar to get office hours for this week


    Helpful Info

    Here is what you can do while we are trying to work from home:

    1. Check Schoology often (http://saugertiescsd.schoology.com).  That is where your work will be posted. 

    2. All video confereces will use Google Meet... you should try to download the app on the device you will be using for schoolwork if you can. Connect to any of my Google Meets by going to http://meet.google.com and click Join Meeting and type the meeting code milgrim

    3. You can contact me by:
      1. Sending a message in Schoology
      2. Sending an email to mmilgrim@saugerties.k12.ny.us
      3. Sending me a text to my personal cell


    You got this!!!

    See you in class!


    -Ms. Milgrim   


Last Modified on September 30, 2020