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    Global History & Geography I
    IMPORTANT: While school is closed due to COVID-19, instruction will be provided through Google Classroom
    Welcome!  Global History and Geography is a two year course.  From the days of nomadic roaming tribes in 10,000 BCE to the meeting of hemispheres throughout the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries, Global I explores the impact of civilizations gaining, consolidating, and losing power in an increasingly interconnected world.  That seems like a lot of history to cover in one year!  To make this huge task manageable we will be focusing on enduring issues - long-lasting, historically significant challenges such as conflict, the desire for power, inequity, the impact of innovation, the impact of interconnectedness, the impact of ideas and beliefs, environmental impacts, scarcity, and population growth.
    Many students are bored or intimidated by courses in World History.  Don't be!  You can pass this course.  In fact, you must pass this course in order to graduate high school!  History can be fun.  The past is full of interesting people with interesting stories.  And a world history course can help you to better understand the world you are living in today!  
    Let's have a great year!
Last Modified on March 29, 2020