• Welcome To 9th Grade
    Global History & Geography
    Welcome!  This is the first year of a two year course that culminates with the New York State Regents Exam.  In 9th Grade, our journey through world history begins during Prehistoric times and ends in the 18th century.  That seems like a lot of history to cover in one year!  To make this huge task manageable we will be focusing on major world histroy themes, such as imperialism, cultural diffusion, belief systems, and long-distance trade.  We will be looking at specific historical examples of these themes, and we will tend to focus on those examples that have been major turning points in world history.
    Many students are bored or intimidated by courses in World History.  Don't be!  You can pass this course.  In fact, you must pass this course in order to graduate high school!  History can be fun.  The past is full of interesting people with interesting stories.  And a world history course can help you to better understand the world you are living in today!  
    Let's have a great year!
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