•  Welcome to Ms. M. Sauer's Web Page 

    247-6650 - Voice Mail: 3145

     OFFICE HOURS: Wednesday 9:00 -9:40 AM  and 1:00 - 1:40 

    for any  virtual student student who needs extra-help/ go to meet.google.com and enter msauer to join

     Also available for students who are 100% remote is a 6th period help session with Mrs. J. Sauer/ go to meet.google.com and enter jsauer (6th period starts at 12:06)

    Google Classroom:
       Geometry R+ Period 2:  l3izzkt

       Geometry R+ Period 3:  d5i4bwd

     Geometry R+ Period 4: vfviuok 

     ACE Geometry Lab: 5paiscl 

                                                                      BDF Geometry Lab: tjbizvl

     There's no royal path to Geometry.     -Euclid

Last Modified on October 6, 2020