• Participation in Government

    Saturday, May 21, 2022

    Mr. Tuccillo
    Social Studies, 12th Grade
    Participation in Government
    Advanced Placement United States Government & Politics

    Email:  anthonytuccillo@saugerties.k12.ny.us

    High School Main Office Phone: (845) 247-6651

    Office Hours / Extra Help: Monday - Thursday, 9th period, or 4th period (10:02-10:43).

    We can have discussions using email, meeting in person, or we can set up a video conference (Google Meet) so that we can connect. Please speak with / email me to schedule an extra-help session.

    PARENTS/GUARDIANS: You are encouraged and welcome to join the Google Classroom (for direct progress reports, etc.). Please email me for details/invites. Partents will be able to see assignments, student work submissions, and current approximate grade/average.




    ASSIGNMENTS: All assignments will be posted on the Google Classroom for each course. Assignments can be submitted to the Google classroom, emailed to me, or turned in 'hard copy'.

    SYLLABI, COURSE EXPECTATIONS, GRADING POLICIES can all be found in the "Materials" section of our Google Classroom. 

    * Please note that much of the information currently on this website is still "Pre-COVID-19" and I will be adapting course information & curriculum to meet our current needs. This is an ongoing process. For example, Board Meeting Observations and Community Service are currently suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions. These components of the 'final exam' will be replaced with a Law Project. *

    SUPPLIES: For class meetings, a pen and either a notebook or a folder with some looseleaf paper is all that is requested of students. ChromeBooks will not be needed for in-class instructional purposes. Students can bring them if they choose, but they will not be a required part of our classwork. 


    Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity. 
    - Aristotle

statue of liberty
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  • Resources for Students and Families:

    • Saugerties School District Social Worker: TBA

    • NYS Police Campus Sexual Assault Victims Unit: 844-845-7269

    • Ulster County Sheriffs Office: 845-338-3640

    • Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255 (TALK)

    • Emergencies: 911

  • Saugerties Central School District
    District Goals
    2016 – 2018

    Culture, Climate, & Community Engagement:
    Saugerties Central School District will cultivate collaboration between the school and community to nurture and sustain positive relationships among the Board of Education, families, students, faculty, and community organizations.

    Saugerties Central School District will continue to develop and enhance technologically advanced schools through effective implementation of resources in order to connect students with their local and global communities and to promote innovative teaching and learning for all.

    Buildings & Grounds
    Saugerties Central School District will provide stewardship over the buildings and grounds to establish and maintain facilities which are safe, conducive to learning, and welcoming to the community.

    Professional Development
    The Saugerties Central School District will provide ongoing, targeted professional development to enhance effective teaching and administrative practices in order to maximize student potential.

    Student Achievement
    The Saugerties Central School District is dedicated to the whole student. Stakeholders in the school community will focus on all aspects of student achievement and will promote flexible, innovative, and meaningful programs that challenge all students to reach their full potential.


  • PLEASE NOTE: Links to election websites and/or political news sites do not necessarily imply an endorsement by Mr. Tuccillo or the Saugerties School District. They are provided as tools to begin and to refine students' understanding of the candidates, issues, policies, and methods for political participation. They are not meant to be exhaustive or exemplifying the views of the teacher or the district, and I encourage students to continue their research through other sources in order to gain a more thorough and objective understanding regarding elections, issues, policies, and candidates.

  • Photo Credits: All photos on my website are either my own property or Free Use photos available via Pexel or Pixabay. Free Use means that photos are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This means the pictures are completely free to be used for any legal purpose. Attribution is not required. 

  • For a wealth of further economic information, try starting at http://www.usdebtclock.org/ for a wide spectrum of 'real-time' economic data.

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