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The Junior High School is embracing our new district goals of student achievement and positive climate with a focus on enhancing kindness and mutual respect. Stay tuned for initiatives that will task your children to rise above the social stressors that they face everyday. 
I have attached a link for a 15 minute video titled, "What is wrong with Millenials".  It is an informative video that may make a difference in how we all view the way this group functions.  I would love to hear your thoughts after viewing the video, 
Many of our recent graduates are finding a great deal of success in their college careers.  The Saugerties Merit Page link I have attached showcases their success.  Feel free to visit this page to see how our Saugerties students are doing after leaving our school.  This is a good opportunity to share positive role models with your child.   
Thomas Averill, Principal
Respect+ Responsibility= Success


Last Modified on January 10, 2017