The Junior High School is embracing our new district goals of student achievement and positive climate with a focus on enhancing kindness and mutual respect. Stay tuned for initiatives that will task your children to rise above the social stressors that they face everyday. 
    Our Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems (PBIS) initiative is working very well.  This initiative is intended to communicate a common language of expectations for behavior in the hallways, cafeteria, locker rooms and classrooms in a positive, easy to understand language.  The students have been receptive, so we will continue to develop the concept as the year progresses. 
    I understand that your child may only be in Jr. High, but it is never to early to start learning about colleges.  One place to begin is to talk to your child about some of the successes of our own Saugerties students.    The Saugerties Merit Page link I have attached showcases their success.  Feel free to visit this page to see how our Saugerties students are doing after leaving our school.   https://app.meritpages.com/dashboard/timeline
    Thomas Averill, Principal
    Respect+ Responsibility= Success


Last Modified on October 31, 2017