•  Saugerties Junior/Senior High School

    World/Foreign Language Department

    (Languages Other Than English)

    SCSD offers LOTE instruction in French and Spanish at
    the Junior-Senior High School. 
    Our program begins the study of foreign languages in the 8th grade.
    Some students are placed in a Level 1 Accelerated course but the majority of students will be enrolled in course 1A. These students complete their Checkpoint A / Level 1 program with a 1B class in 9th grade. Level 1 success fulfills the minimum LOTE proficiency for graduation from any NYS High School. Successful completion of Levels 2 and 3 fulfills the requirement to receive a Regents with Advanced Designation diploma upon graduation. 
    We also offer Spanish 4, Spanish 5, French 4 for college credit through our affiliation with SUNY Albany. Our University in High School offerings allow students to earn up to 8 college credits before graduating from high school.
    Department members for the 2019-2020 school year are listed below:
    Sra. Zoraida Aponte (Z.Ap.)
    Mme. Allison Garelick
    Sra. Carolyn Muñoz
    , Foreign Language Dept. Chair
Last Modified on November 25, 2019