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    • Full Remote until after the holiday break using 
      the modified remote schedule. 

      Period 1 starts at 9:45pm
      Wednesdays- Log into Schoology to check for work and do any work you owe!!
      EVERYDAY  you should check Schoology for updates and assignmentS
    I will be using SCHOOLOGY for our PRIMARY online assignment platform this year.  In addition, there will be several other websites for activities such as Mosa Mack and Ed Puzzle.  
    I hope all of you are doing well.  Together we will do what we need to in order to help us all get through this rough time.  There will definitly be bumps along the road and it is to be expected.  This is a new adventure for all of us, so do your best and if you have any questions please email me.  I hope to see you all soon :-)                                                                        
    MATERIALS  -->  During Hybrid 
    Items you will need for science:
    Hand Sanitizer
    2" or larger binder(for now you can use one binder for subjects
    Chromebook from school you received 
    Ruler with centimeters
    Journal book- (Composition type book)

    School phone number is 247-6561 
Last Modified on December 17, 2020