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    Course:  The NY State Core Curriculum 

                    Study Skills

                    Literary Analysis

                    Short Stories


                    A Christmas Carol

                    The Diary of Anne Frank




                     Listening Skills    


    Homework:    It will be posted on Google Classroom and will be on the board in the



    Homework Grading:    If the assignment is completed and handed in on 

                                        time, it will receive 100%.

                                          If it is not completed appropriately, it will receive 


                                          If it is handed in late, it will receive 50%.

                                         f it is not completed before the unit closing date, It 

                                         will receive 0%.


    Extra Help:                   Will be posted on the board


    Accelerated Reader Grade:  For the first 10 weeks, this will be based on 

                        reading and submitting a summary of that reading every week.


    IXL grades: These grades will be based on the grades from completing two 

                         exercises a week.


    Supplies: A black 3 ring binder with a 2 inch spine

                   Paper                  Highlighter  

                   Planner                Pencils

                   Red pens             Blue or black pens  



Last Modified on September 10, 2020