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  • Teaching Music in Saugerties

     Bernhard Spirig
    Teacher for Music, Social Studies, French, 


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    I. Philosophy and Interests:

    I am very interested in researching the psychological connection between children’s ages and their abilities – in music as well as in life skills. Since teaching and music have always been my passion, I find myself always searching for the creative way to reach and hold children’s interest. Once I discover this path, I can challenge their minds and creative abilities in new ways, while pushing the boundaries of social learning. I feel that, in the interest of a future which values the creative process, it is crucial to keep these qualities alive in children.
     In the picture you can see my former students from Switzerland. I'm on the left playing the trumpet.
     bring children of different cultures toer. They should play music and communicate. Tp and joyful experiences should carry on for their whole lives.

    II.Current education and employment status:

    Working full time as a General Music teacher and Elementary and Junior High instrumental teacher in both Saugerties Junior High and Morse Elementary School. NYS Office of Teaching approved my educational degrees from Switzerland. I also passed the LAST and ATS-W Certification Tests for NYS which are the necessary documents for NYS Certification. Graduate studies in music education, music department of the College of Saint Rose, Albany, NY. I also thought Math, SS, French,and German for the Saugerties Central School as a home tutor and a private teacher in Spring 2000.Spring 1998 until summer 1999 I worked as a substitute teacher at the Onteora and Saugerties School district.

    Since Summer 2000

    Teaching in the Saugerties School district as a music teacher for elementary Chorus and General Music. Finished my masters in science and education in 2007 at the College of Saint Rose in Albany.

     Summer 1999

    I was also responsible for the complete organization of an exchange program between the Empire Youth Orchestra and the Big Band of the Kantonschule Oerlikon in Zurich, scheduled for May 1999. I was working on this project with Paul Evoskevich, director of the Jazz Department at the College of St. Rose.

    1997 – 1997

    Upon my graduation with honors from the Swiss Jazz School in Bern, I accepted teaching positions at three Zurich music schools. The Jugendmusikschule Züricher Oberland, sponsored by the County of Zurich, allows children of all ages and ability levels access to music education. The Musikverein Dietlikon, sponsored by the town of Dietlikon, offers people between the ages of 9 and 99 the opportunity to take music lessons and play in both a marching and a concert band. The Soziale Musikschule Zurich was founded in 1950 for the express purpose of making music education accessible to low income citizens. The middle- to high-school-aged students from this latter school became quite accomplished musicians under my supervision and eventually formed a "Big Band", playing music ranging from show tunes like "Fiddler on the Roof" to works of the composers Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota and others. The group toured Switzerland annually for five years, playing to large, enthusiastic audiences. I started the band project in this school in 1992 and by the time I left had 50 children playing in the orchestra and 20 in the Big Band. I also organized well-attended music camps in this school for several years.

    III. Educational Background

    1986 – 1992 Attended the Swiss Jazz School in Bern to pursue my interest in jazz. This was an intense course of study for serious musicians and my success in the program may be noted in the transcript attached. Concurrently, I began working as a music teacher in a local school in Maur-Zürich. 1983 – 1985 Worked as a teaching apprentice while attending classes at the Jazz School of Luzern where I started my musical education. 1978 – 1983 Attended the University of Zurich, majoring in secondary education with an emphasis on German, French, History, Music and Physical Education. During this time I also took trumpet lessons, which nurtured my interest in music and teaching. I began playing trumpet and became involved in several musical ensembles, performing with them at churches, parties and clubs. I began to seriously entertain the thought of pursuing a musical profession.

    IV. References

    Mr. Paul Evoskevich, Professor, College of St. Rose, (518) 454-5195 Dr. Robert Aubrey, Professor of Music Education, St. Rose (518) 454-5195 Herr Otto Guggenbuehl, Principal, Soziale Musikschule Zurich, (01141) 1 492 26 15 Franziska della Chiesa, Principal, Music School of the Zuricher Oberland, (01141) 1 930 31 16 Susanna Rutschmann, Principal, Musikverein Dietlikon, Geerenstr. 10, 8305 Dietlikon
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