Dawn Scannapieco

    Welcome to the 2018/2019 school year!  The first day of school for all students will be on Wednesday, September 5th.  This will be a ½ day of school and students will dismiss at 12:30.  Please be sure to make appropriate dismissal arrangements for your child.  Our breakfast and lunch program will begin on Thursday, September 6th.  If you haven’t already done so, please consider filling out the free and reduced lunch application.

    Parents of students who walk to school can drop students off as early as 8:30 am.  Walkers will enter the building through the main entrance and will be directed to the appropriate supervised waiting area.  Students who partake in the breakfast program will report to the cafeteria.  Students who do not partake in the breakfast program will report as follows:

    Grades K & 1- Cafeteria

    Grades 2, 3, & 4- Library

    Grades 5 & 6- Gymnasium

    Students who wish to have help with their homework will work with the Teaching Assistant assigned to their grade level after reporting to their waiting area.

    All students who walk to school should arrive no later than the 9:00 am bell.  Many teachers may choose to begin morning meeting by 9:05 am.  The expectation is that all students are in their classroom, seated at their desk by 9:15 am.  Students who arrive after 9:15 are considered tardy.  Instruction begins promptly at 9:20, so please make every effort to have your son or daughter to school by 9 am. 


    Students are dismissed beginning at 3:15 pm.  Walkers will dismiss out of the Washington Avenue side of the building, while students who take the bus will dismiss from the front entrance.  Times for dismissal are as follows:

    3:15-Kindergarten and Grade 3

    3:17- Grades 1 & 4

    3:18- Grade 6

    3:20- Grades 2 & 5

    Please be reminded that students who have requested transportation to daycare will need to use that transportation 5 days per week, unless the parent calls or sends a note that their child will be picked up at dismissal.  Students who attend Boys & Girls Club are walkers, 5 days per week.  Bus transportation is not available to these students.  Parents must pick up at dismissal if there is a change in after school plans. 



    I am pleased to introduce new faces to our Cahill community. Please help me to welcome the following faculty and staff: Ms. Lizzy Ruzzo, Kindergarten; Mrs. Larissa O’Neill, Grade 3; Ms. Casey Elmendorf, Librarian; Mrs. Marcy Traudt, School Nurse (pending BOE approval); Ms. Miranda Maiuri, Teaching Assistant; and Ms. Amber Spanburgh., Teacher Aide.  We will hold our first school wide assembly on Friday, September 7th.  Cahill will continue with our monthly SPIRIT Assemblies where we recognize students who best demonstrate our monthly character trait.  Our character trait for September is RESPECT. 

     As a reminder, please consider joining our PTA.  I thank you in advance for your continued support.

    Very truley yours,

    Dawn Scannapieco 




Last Modified on September 10, 2018