Ms. Ciccone's 6th Grade Google Classroom Homeroom Link

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    EVERYONE is doing a SUPER job w/our HYBRID MODEL

    Keep up the GREAT work!  

    PLEASE REMEMBER TO ALWAYS CHECK OUR GOOGLE CLASSROOM HOMEROOM daily for updated information.   I will be communicating all pertinent information through the Classroom page.  Please have your child log on to Google Classroom with their school email address using link above.

    Regarding Supplies: 
    Here are few items for sure: Also, reference Mr. Hanson's list.
    :2 Bic (four in one) color pens (r/b/g/blk)
    :Twistables colored pencils 
    :Lined Index cards
    :1 Spiral notebook
    Thank you to those who have sent contact information to my email. 
    For those who have not had the opportunity, PLEASE do so ASAP! Information needed: Contact numbers, emails, and if your child has a laptop/chromebook/ipad
    By communicating and working together we can provide the best possible learning experience for your child under these unprecedented conditions.
    Ms. Ciccone




    THEN you will sign on to CLEVER  ← this is the link 

    There you will find ALL appropriate links to carry out your assignments.   

    Links you will utilize as the year progresses:

    • Saugerties Central School Disctrict, including this page
    • i-Ready Pathways and Lessons (Mathematics/ELA) Math Lessons assigned are in addition to Pathways
    • Google Classroom (All subjects)
    • EdPuzzle
    • KAMI
    • MosaMack Science
    • Discovery Ed
    • Learning 360 (Keyboarding)
    • Additional TBD

    We will combine i-Ready Pathways and teacher assigned mathematics lessons using the i-Ready program.

    Regarding Science, we are currently using a new program called MosaMack (along with our current series) which I am certain you will all enjoy! I will try to create interesting lessons which allow you to further your understanding of the 6th grade curriculum by assigning virtual trips, exploring written content, interactive activities, and culminating assessment.

    I will teach to the best of my ability as well as assist each of you in order to be successful. Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

    Remember we are in this together!


    Ms. Ciccone


Last Modified on December 11, 2020