Steve Buonfiglio
    Physical Education Teacher - Riccardi & Grant D. Morse Elementary Schools
    Head Coach - Varsity Cross Country
      E-mail - sbuonfiglio@saugerties.k12.ny.us




    Happy New Year

    Upper Grades

    In January we will be starting our Volleyball unit.   We teach the basics of the game including: serve, set, and bump. We'll also practice overhand serving and hitting with the 6th graders. This is a Modified Sport forGirls in the Junior High. There are tryouts in the Fall.   We will use rally scoring, which awards a point to a team after each volley; you don't have to serve to score. Usually these games go to 25 points and they move along quickly.      


    Primary Grades

    The younger classes are learning about net games and working on eye-hand coordination. We will use a variety of light weight slow moving balls. We will also be starting on tumbling and balances to go along with their gymnastics skills. 

    Winter Sports Opportunities

    There are two sites that promote winter sports, some of which offer discounted prices and free demo days.  The sites are: wintertrails.com and winterfeelsgood.com. Also, visit this website for some free skiing for 4th graders offered in NYS: www.iskiny.com. 

    Holiday Fitness Challenge 

    Create your own challenge to encourage activity over the Winter break.  Find activities all can do, with the goal of getting 60 minutes of exercise each day.   See if exercise makes you feel good as you make it a part of your daily routine.  


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