Steve Buonfiglio
    Physical Education Teacher - Riccardi & Grant D. Morse Elementary Schools
    Head Coach - Varsity Cross Country
      E-mail - sbuonfiglio@saugerties.k12.ny.us




    What We’re Up To

    A typical P.E. class includes a warm-up activity which may include: dance, tag, jump rope, jogging and exercises followed by a new activity or game along with practice of the skill or playing of the game.  Grades 4-6 just finished Football and are moving onto Soccer for the next several weeks.

    Making the Grade

    I want to let you know how grading works in physical education:  we use a rubric, a grading scale that measures skill and/or effort, on a 1-4 scale with 4 being the highest grade.  On the report card you will see one grade. This grade in physical education will be based on preparedness (sneakers), effort, cooperation, sportsmanship, as well as skill. 

    On the report card, the grades are shown as E, S, or N and may include a plus or minus sign.

    Pump ‘Em Up

    Each year we work on improving students’ personal fitness, trying to improve their scores from the year before.  The emphasis should be on what they can do, not comparing themselves to others.  We let them know what healthy levels are and try to get all students to work towards that end.  Encourage your child to exercise at home.  The goal is for kids to get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day.  You can create little goals such as: 5-10 push-ups or 15 crunches or sit-ups before a TV show, stretching during down time or commercials, daily outdoor exercise that may include brisk walks, scooter rides (not electric), biking, dance, etc.  An example of a healthy level is that all children should be able to do the number of push-ups which match their age and complete a mile in 10-15 minutes.  Exercise with them, keep it fun, set little goals for yourself and them with incentives and do it on a regular basis.

    On that note, some of our local activities include the ice rink , Bowlers Club which has leagues for K-12 students, open wrestling gym at the ice rink in the wrestling room, dance studio classes in town and local road races and fun runs which are listed in the Sunday Freeman Sport section.  You can also check out the Saugerties Town Recreation Department website.

    Thanks for your support and keep moving out there!

    Happy Halloween

    Have a  safe and fun Halloween!

    Coach B.





















































































































































































































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