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    Physical Education Teacher - Riccardi & Grant D. Morse Elementary Schools
    Head Coach - Varsity Cross Country
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    Contingency PE, Spring 2020

    Children (and adults) should be active for 60 minutes each day – the effects of which build strong muscles, enhance fitness and research shows that students who are physically active, having improved cognitive performance.   Basically, moving around clears the mind and helps one to think more clearly.   Oh, and it is alsoFUN to run around and given the choice between fun and no fun, we recommend fun (as long as Cat in a Hat is not proposing it – some kinds of fun can backfire, we are promoting safe fun).

    So wherever you are and whatever your situation – find a way to move and have fun.   Below are some proposals and challenges.


    While out of school, try to do one square a day.  

    Color in the ones you did at home and return to Coach B.  

    Work hard, be kind and we'll see you soon!


    Vacuum or sweep your bedroom

    Make an obstacle course and time yourself going through it

    Do 20 toe touches

    Run around your house 4 times

    Walk up and down your stairs 10 times


    Take a walk outside for 20 minutes

    Rake leaves in your yard or pull weeds in flower beds

    Do 50 sit ups

    Create a circuit with 5 exercises. Do 10 reps for each exercise and 3 sets.

    Help fold and put away laundry


    Make and eat a smoothie with fruits and vegetables


    Take you dog for a walk

    Stretch your legs while watching a 30 minute show

    Ride your bike for 30 minutes

    Clean your room

    Empty the dishwasher or clean dishes



    Do 20 pushups and take out the trash

    Help make a healthy dinner

    Create a new game and have someone play with you

    Play outside for 1 hour

    Draw a picture of your backyard




    Throw a ball with a family member

    Eat dinner at the table with your family

    Do 100 jumping jacks

    Jump rope or hula hoop for 30 minutes



    Some Fitness Goals for Grades 3-6: 

    Grade            Mile Run/Walk        Sit-ups         Push-ups     Flexed Arm Hang 

      3                 12:30                    25               8                 8 seconds

      4                 12:00                    30               9                 9 seconds

      5                 11:00                    35              10               10 seconds

      6                 10:30                    40              11               11 seconds




















































































    Coach B.





















































































































































































































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