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    Activity is Important!
    Coach Glover
    Physical Education Distance Learning:
    *Each grade level has their own Physical Edcauation google classroom. If you did not recieve the code to link into our classroom please email myself or Coach Collins to get your class code. To see which class is assigned to which teacher please see below:
                         Glover                                                                 Collins
    Scott                             Hoffstatter                                       Wade
    Scanlon                          Whelan                                               Hopf
    Colclough                        Molini                                                 Cullen
    Collins                            Nelson                                                Fisher
    Raleigh                           Ms. Jenn                                            Lodge/Mancuso
    Mullen                            Petramale                                           Yonnetti
    *If you are not able to use google classroom a hard copy of our activity sheet should have been sent home when your child's work was picked up at school. If you did not receive it you may look to the two links on the left hand side of this page to see our activity log and sample activity grid. 
    * You are working on have a mininum 120 minuts (25 minutes a day) of physical activity. You will need to send in your activity logs every friday. On your log, please list the date, activity completed, and the duration of your activity.
    *If you have any questions please contact your Physical Education teacher via email. 
Last Modified on March 30, 2020