• Welcome to Physical Education

    Activity is Important!
    Coach Glover
    Physical Education Distance Learning:
    *Each class has their own Special Areas google classroom. When you go into your classroom under the "classwork" tab you will see each special's teacher assignements.
    *If you are not able to use google classroom and need a hard copy please emial myself or your classroom teacher.
    *Each day there will be a daily video, please watch and participate with the video. After the video please leave a comment. Your comment is recorded for your attendance that day.
    * You are working on have a mininum 120 minuts (25 minutes a day) of physical activity. You will need to complete and  send in your activity logs every friday. On your log, please list the date, activity completed, and the duration of your activity.
    *Every day I will have "office hours". Please log onto the google classroom for the google meet link. Both the link and the hours will be posted there. However, you may email me at anytime and I will get back to you before the school day has ended.
    *If you have any questions please contact your Physical Education teacher via email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 
Last Modified on December 15, 2020