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                Wow, what a school year! For the first time in most of our lives, what it means to “go to school” changed in a matter of weeks: we began attending school virtually on our electronic devices at home. I am sure that you will all remember this event in your school career. I hope you remember, like I will, how well we all worked together to continue learning, discovering, and supporting each other from home, whether you were learning in google classroom, tuning in to your morning announcements, or waving to your teachers as they drove around your neighborhood and waved back!

    One of my favorite events earlier this year was our second annual celebration of World Kindness Day in November. I was so proud that students and staff brought their multi-colored shirts to wear for our heart photo! Thank you again to the Kindness Committee for helping write kind and encouraging words in chalk on the blacktop for a whimsical backdrop to our photo. 

                I would also like to congratulate the sixth graders, the Class of 2020! You should be proud of all your accomplishments at Riccardi. As you proceed to the next chapter of your journey, you will form new relationships with teachers and fellow students, but I hope you always remember your teachers and friends from Riccardi who have been your biggest “cheerleaders” and who will continue to cheer for you as you move forward. I wish all of you nothing but the BEST in your future endeavors. 

                I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all the staff for their enthusiasm and hard work in making Riccardi such a GREAT school both within the walls of our classrooms and in our homes and virtual classrooms this year too. You rose to the challenge of teaching remotely and our students have benefitted directly from your tireless effort and adaptability.

                That being said, THANK YOU to each and every parent or guardian who worked alongside our students and teachers, learning to navigate through virtual classrooms and schoolwork as well. Your dedication to your child(ren)’s education during this time is not taken lightly. I am so grateful for your perseverance and strength throughout the second half of this school year  and I know all our administrators, teachers, and support staff are too.

    Thank you also to our outgoing PTA officers for the last 2 years of your commitment. Because of your creativity and initiative, our students have enjoyed many exciting assemblies, enrichment programs and activities, not to mention the support you continue to offer to their parents and guardians for the benefit of our community as a whole.

    Last but certainly not least, for those of you returning to Riccardi in the fall, I look forward to another exciting year of making new memories! Have a great summer!                     


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