•   Steve Buonfiglio
    Physical Education Teacher - Riccardi & Grant D. Morse Elementary Schools
    Head Coach - Varsity Cross Country, Track
      E-mail - sbuonfiglio@saugerties.k12.ny.us

    Riccardi Phone - 845-247-7760






    Coach’s Corner 

    April was quite a month.  When the classes were outside we worked on Lacrosse skills.  The older classes were able to play a modified game.  Our indoor activities included Dance and Soccer type games.  The younger classes also worked on Movement Patterns, Modified Tag games.  We didn’t actually tag, using fleece balls instead.  Is it a tag game if there is no tagging - sort of like the question of when a tree falls in the forest and if no one is there, does it make any noise?   The answer in our case is who knows, but everyone was moving and having fun. 

    In May we will be introducing some activities in Field Hockey.   We will also offer a remote Fitness Challenge for grades 3-6.  The Fitness Challenge from May 3- 16th will be  for those who choose to try it and if successful you will receive an on-line certificate.  We will introduce some Track and Field events along with playing soccer and kickball.


    Remember to continue watching the videos on remote Wednesday.  We will review Bike, Pedestrian and Swim Safety as well as teach a few basic swim strokes and provide some tips for beginner swimmers, along with our PE Challenges of the Day.


    For Activity Logs, if your child is in school for PE two times a week you just need to record 40 minutes of out of school activity and we will add that to the 80 minutes in school.


    Thank you again for your help over the past year and let’s finish on a strong note!


    What will February bring?   Being prepared to be outside and inside.

    We hope to do some Basketball, Fitness work, Volleyball skills, Obstacle Courses, and create some new outdoor games.  Bring sneakers and a warm coat, mittens or gloves and hat.   Of course we will not forget Valentine's Day - and we'll do all we can to get all the hearts beating strong . . . and hopefully love doing it!



    Remember, all classes have P.E. every other day.  We recommend packing sneakers in a backpack or leaving them in the school classroom.  We want everyone active, healthy, and engaged. 


    Coach B.         

Last Modified on May 2, 2021