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    Physical Education Teacher - Riccardi 
    Head Coach - Varsity Cross Country, Track
      E-mail - sbuonfiglio@saugerties.k12.ny.us

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    Coach’s Corner 


    Welcome to PE 2021-22!   If the past is an indicator, this will be an exciting and challenging year -putting only a positive spin on both those things of course.

    To start with, PE will look a little different this year, as long time  legendary PE teacher, Coach Suttmeier retired last June.   A dedicated professional and a teacher who truly gave his all to the children of Riccardi, Coach Suttmeier will be missed.   

    Coach Buonfiglio (aka Coach B) will be at Riccardi five days a week and Coach Collins will be here on B-D-F days - Coach C I guess - if only Coach Suttmeier had had a name that starts with A, we’d have something.   Coach Collins by way of introducing himself writes, 

    Hello Riccardi Families!

    My name is Coach Sean Collins and I am so excited to be joining the Riccardi family (again) . I started my career with Riccardi teaching with Coach Suttmeier and was a former student of Riccardi many many years ago!  I have also taught at every Elementary School in the district and well as the Junior and Senior High School.  I currently Coach the Varsity Boys and Girls Bowling team as well as Girls JV Softball.   I am excited to be working with Coach B and together we will keep your children active, safe, and most of all have lots of fun!!!!    Can’t wait to see all of you in the fall! 

    Well said - by the way I am also a Riccardi alum - who knows who will be teaching PE here is 20 years.

    What should you look for when school starts?   We are still dealing with COVID issues and therefore we will continue to utilize social distancing and whenever possible we will hold PE classes outside.   This means students should dress appropriately - a jacket or sweatshirt when the weather turns colder.   When we are outside, students do not have to wear masks as long as they are spread out.   When we are in the gym, students must wear masks.   Also, while we hope there will not be the need for remote learning this year (well maybe for an extra snow day would be okay), we will be setting up Google Classrooms just in case and maybe utilizing them occasionally just for fun.

    What about grading?   Glad you asked - the PE grade is a combination of skill and effort.   Effort includes sportsmanship and teamwork as well as following rules and directions.   The PE Rules:

    • Come Prepared - this means wear sneakers and no jewelry (stud earrings are okay) or gum chewing
    • Follow Directions and all School Rules
    • Respect Equipment, Teachers, Other Students, Self

    To start the year the younger students will be working on basic movement patterns, some ball skills and basic dances.   The older students will be working on soccer skills - dribbling, passing, different kicks and utilizing them in game-like situations.   

    Lastly, we will emphasize good, healthy lifestyle choices - exercise, eating well, rest and cooperating with others.   We have a lot of work to do but we are all up for a challenge.   To boil it down students should basically work hard and be kind - most of you have probably heard that before - and have fun, make that FUN!   Welcome back!

     Coach B. 


Last Modified on August 23, 2021