• Jodi Adams-Hill Art Educator at Saugerties Sr. & Jr. High School


    Welcome to Seventh Grade Visual Art Class

    Invites to my google classroom are going out 9-3-2020

    Check your emails for class code 

    My contact information: 

    Email: jadams-Hill@saugerties.k12.ny.us

    Work # 845-247-6561  ext.2501

    The goal of this seventh grade art course:

     Develop the students ability to look at and understand art.  
    Develop confidence looking, talking, making, and appreciating the visual arts. 
    Develop connections to other cultures and the past through art.
    Develop skills that we attribute to artists such as using a variety of art materials safely, learning how to care for them, thinking critically, asking questions, and solving problems.
      Develop an appreciation for life and the human spirit through the study of art..
    Develop art skills associated with expressing oneself with materials and experimentation.
    Developing skills to cope with embracing successes and failures.


    Supply List for the course



    Black Pen

    The following would be great but are not mandatory. These are items students traditionally would have in the art room and share but due to COVID-19 we will not be able to share these items when we do return to school. Most of them you probably have from previous classes:)  Again not necessary now. If you cannot find these items or afford to purchase them send me an email and I will see what I can do to help you.


    Glue stick

    Colored pencils

    Small watercolor set

    Oil pastels set of 12


    Class Expectations

    • Make sure your google meet location is suitable for learning. A quiet place where you can focus (desk in your room, kitchen table,etc)
    • Dress appropriately for live meets. (SCD dress code is still in effect.)
    • Cell Phone usage, earbuds and hoodies will not be allowed during class be that LIVE IN SCHOOL OR REMOTE. 
    •  Arrive to google meets on time. The first 15-20 minutes are the most important.
    • Have paper and pencil ready.
    • Always mute yourself after initial salutations. (Hello Ms. Adams-Hill) :)
    • Please email me to request and schedule a google meet. I will set up the google meet and send you a code. You can not set up a google meet.


     Attendance Policy

    • Each student is required to check in everyday.
    • On asynchronous day’s the assignment or daily check in is due by the end of the school day at 2:20.
    • If you do not submit your assignment or check in by the end of the school day at 2:20,  then you will be marked absent.
    •  However, you can still submit your work for a grade up to 5 days after it was due. 
    • If you fail to check in for 2 consecutive days I am required to call home.



    All assignments and projects will be posted on

     google classroom and google sites.


    Assignments must be submitted to me through Google Classroom by the designated due date. A demo video on how to post work to Google Classroom will be shared in Google Classroom. Students will receive a zero for posting ‘blank’ assignments. Excuses such as “wrong email address”, “computer crashed”  will not be accepted. 


    Missed Work:
    If you are absent from class, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to find out what work you missed.  Assignments and other work must be made up within 5 days of the absence.

    Cheating/ Plagiarism:
    Any assignment, project or work in which a student has plagiarized or copied another person's work or attempted to cheat on a quiz, will result in an immediate zero. If the plagiarism occured between 2 students, both will receive a zero.

    Grading Policy


    Each big project will have a rubric attached.

    Skill building assignments and daily check ins will be graded like a quiz based on a 100%.




    Final Quarter Grade:

    Big Project Work 60%  

    Skill building assignments 10%

    Daily check in questions 10%

    Participation/preparedness 20%


    Final Grade

     is 80% class average and 20% FINAL PROJECT


    Office Hours

    Wednesday 10-11

    email me for an appointment 

    After School Programs 

    Will be announced as information regarding COVID becomes available. I usually do an artist in residence after school program in the fall and an art club in the spring.  Stay Tuned


Last Modified on September 7, 2020