• Coach's Corner

     Family Fun Night is coming Thursday, February 7th from 6:00 – 8:00, snow date the 21st. We will activities for grades K-3 from 6-6:50 and grades 4-6 from 7-8pm.  This event is open to families and we will offer appropriate games for those ages.  Some of the activities will be giant puzzles as well as active games.  All activities will be in the gym, so bring your sneakers and be ready to move.  Some of the activities are from Math and Movement.  Check out their web site at mathandmovement.com.

    Tally ‘Em Up

    Report card grades will be coming out, which reflect our Volleyball and Basketball units.  Grading this year reflects effort which not only shows up as the effort they put forth in class but also being prepared and cooperating, as well as positive leadership and sportsmanship.


    Preparing for the Olympics

    In February we will be doing our floor hockey and our gymnastics units.   In gymnastics, we use a beam, which is two feet off the ground, pommel horse, parallel bars and tumbling mats.   In addition to these activities we include dance, jump rope, juggling, diabolo, yo yo, and pyramid building.  Students’ grades will be based on the difficulty of routines they complete in at least six activities for grades four through six.  The younger classes will use some of this equipment at an introductory level.



    Some students are forming a habit of forgetting sneakers, remember all classes have PE every other day.  We recommend packing sneakers in a back pack or leaving them in the school class room.  We want everyone active, healthy and engaged.  


    February Challenge

    It is a month for Hearts and Candy – emphasize the former and leave the latter as a reward for a week of great fitness activities.   Our Challenge in preparation for the fitness test is to find ways to jog 4 days a week.  This could include jogging up a hill after sledding down or jogging while walking the dog.  Think of creative ways to get up and go.  Jump rope four days a week and add one minute each day, starting with a five minute workout.   It is also a good time to practice that perfect push-up and do some ab work and stretching as well, have a great month.  One of our goals it have each student in grades 1-6 to be able to do 6 push-ups.


    Shamrock Run and Kid’s Classic – The Shamrock Run is coming up in March 11, go to shamrockrunners.org for more information.  The YMCA Kid’s Classic takes place in  April 21.



Last Modified on February 6, 2019