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    Welcome to Physical Education I am Coach Suttmeier

    Grading for home instruction will be based on responding to our question of the day for attendance as well as watching the video and participating.  You will also need to fill out a weekly activity log with the goal of reaching the New York State required 120 minutes of activity each week.  You can supplement our videos with your own activity.

    Coach’s Corner November 2020


    As the season changes, the first marking period is ending.  September was spent all virtual and in October we started a Hybrid Model which allowed us to meet many of the students in person.  In Physical Education we are trying to get outside as much as possible so continue to dress for the weather.  When outside we often can have mask breaks as we keep social distancing.  


    We have been working on basic ball skills for K-2 students which include toss and catch, rolling, overhand throw and basic soccer skills.  The 3-6 classes were more focused on soccer skills.  When practicing in class we have used our own ball, which is cleaned before reuse.  We are working toward some modified game playing as we go into November.  From soccer we will work toward some use with footballs as and basketball.  


    We appreciate the help from home on Activity of the Day and PE Question of the Day as well as the weekly PE Activity Log.  We are trying to reinforce skills and concepts taught in class with our video lessons.   The goal being to encourage practice of those skills and motivating students to be active.  


    On days your child is in school  and has PE, they do not have to do the on-line portion that day.


    Family time and the example you share are so important to help your child develop healthy habits that will follow them for their lifetime.


    Thank you again for your support as we move forward into the months ahead.


Last Modified on October 28, 2020