• ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. Elisa Tucci  Art Educator  Saugerties High School .:**:.☆*.:。.✿

    Contact Info: email me @ etucci@saugerties.k12.ny.us
    or reach out to me via my school phone number (845) 247-6651 x 2503

    Office Hours are offered as a Live Google Meet Office Hours every Wednesday from 11:00 - 11:45 pm 

    Google MEET Code for Wednesday's  LIVE MEET >https://meet.google.com/lookup/gyeigfv5ph < 

    ✺ After School for Extra Help: days/dates TBA ✺ Art Club: TBA

    please visit my Google Site Ms Tucci's Google Site

    Or visit the Saugerties High School Art Gallery

    In my class students will explore artmaking processes through the use of various materials.
    As the instructor, I will demonstrate procedures to teach skills and techniques in order to create a foundation of knowledge.
    Students will apply their knowledge to teacher developed assignments as well as free choice projects.
    I will strive to develop assignments that focus on the process of creating art

    while encouraging students to find their own voice. 

    The goal is to: 

    • Develop an understanding of visual language and identify its usage in our world 
    • Develop an appreciation for visual art and an understanding of our own personal aesthetic
    • Develop skills that we attribute to artists such as learning to properly use and care for tools, embracing problems, envisioning possibilities, creating art that expresses meaning, observing, reflecting and learning through experimentation

    Instructional Platform 
    I will be using Google Classroom, Google Sites and Google Meet to present work, post videos and host “live” discussions. Students are expected to monitor their email daily for invites to Google Meets, “new announcements”, “new assignments”, and “new materials”. 

    Submission of work:
    STUDENTS MUST SUBMIT WORK from their SCHOOL EMAIL ACCOUNTS to GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Assignments must be submitted through Google Classroom by the designated due date. Students will receive a zero for posting ‘blank’ assignments. Excuses such as “wrong email address”, “computer crashed”  are not acceptable. 
    demo video on how to post to Google Classroom will be shared in Google Classroom.

    Late Work:
    Life happens & sometimes gets in the way. Late Work will be accepted up to 5 days after the project was due.  If you are having a technical issue or any other issue with the assignment it is up to you to communicate with me prior to the due date;  I would be happy to discuss possible accommodations.  

    Missed Work:
    If you are absent from class, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to find out what work you missed.  Assignments and other work must be made up within 5 days of the absence.

    Students will keep a sketchbook. I will post various sketchbook assignments for students to complete. Sketchbooks are due one week before the marking period ends. These count as your homework for the course.

    Cheating/ Plagiarism:
    Any assignment, project or work in which a student has plagiarized or copied another person's work or attempted to cheat on a quiz, will result in an immediate zero. If the plagiarism occured between 2 students, both will receive a zero.

    Cutting class:
    Cutting class results in a zero for whatever work is scheduled to be completed or due for class that day

    Attendance and participation in class discussions and activities is instrumental for your success in this class.  Your participation grade will be assigned based on your effort, involvement (which means you must be present), and answering DO NOW questions.  If during remote instruction you have an emergency and can not make your class period, you are welcome to attend one of my other live sessions that day.  Studio Art is offered period 1, 3, 4, 6 and 8.  THIS SHOULD NOT TAKE PLACE ON A  REGULAR BASIS. 

    PLEASE NOTE : Cellphone usage, earbuds and hoodies will not be allowed during class Be that LIVE,  IN SCHOOL OR REMOTE. 


    Projects: 60% 

    Participation/ Preparedness: 20%

    Sketchbooks: 15%

    Skill building assignments (Bootcamp), worksheets: 20%

    Final Grade is 80% class average and 20% FINAL PROJECT  

    All grades will be in Google Classroom for students to monitor. If a parent/ guardian would like access to “guardian email summaries” please email me with “request for guardian email summaries” in the subject line > etucci@saugerties.k12.ny.us  < . 

    Materials You Will Need for Studio Art: 

    (1) 81/2 x 11 or 9 x12 Sketchbook: at least 50 pgs; 100 pages WHITE PAPER

    *Variety of Graphite Pencils : 2H, HB, 2B, 4B 
    (some pencils are made cheaply,  such as the ones you find at a Dollar Store, will constantly break and give you poor results. If Possible, please avoid buying these and if you can’t please contact me and I’ll help) 

      (1) Kneaded eraser

     (1) White plastic or vinyl eraser

     (1) pencil sharpener; handheld, simple, metal blade

     (1) Oil Pastels set of 16 colors (think about your choice/comfort: available in thin (junior) or chunkie)

    *(1) Large Black Permanent Marker 

    *(2) Medium Black Permanent Markers (sharpie calls theirs Fine Point~)

    *(2) Thin Black Permanent Markers (sharpie refers to it as Ultra Fine Point~)

    * If you find the pencils or markers in a set - it might save a little money - even if the set is incomplete  purchase it !  I’ll make up whatever is missing
    ~ 'points' is referring to the thickness and/or thinness of the line that marker will create, you need 3 sizes

    You will need these supplies to do some of your work while you are at home, but also when we return to school. During a normal school year,  students would sit together sharing art supplies, but this is not a normal school year.  It’s an important safety measure that everyone has their own supplies. If for any reason you cannot purchase them, please send me a private message/email and we will figure it out. 





Last Modified on November 10, 2020