SHS Art Courses 2021-22

  • mannon  By Mannon, class of 2017

    Studio in Art

    Full year, 1 credit
    Grades 9-12

    This is a comprehensive foundational course emphasizing introduction to the elements and principles of art and design. Two and three-dimensional art projects in various techniques (including drawing, painting and sculpture) will be done to reinforce concepts learned in class. Basic art criticism and art history will be introduced.



    Studio in Design

    Full year, 1 credit, Pre-requisite: Studio in Art, Grades 10-12

    Design is a full year, one-credit art course open to high school students in grades 10-12 that have completed the prerequisite, Studio Art. The course provides students with a variety of experiences in creative expression: drawing, painting, sculpture, computer graphics, printmaking, ceramics and multimedia collage. An emphasis will be placed on learning how to use the elements and principles of design effectively to express ideas.Along with exploring a variety of techniques and media, students will study the artwork of contemporary and historical artists, and learn to analyze and critique works of art.This course is an elective for students interested in continuing to improve their art skill and knowledge, not a required course.

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    Digital Photography I
    Half-year, 1/2 credit,  Pre-requisite: Studio in Design, Grades 11-12

    This course will help students become well-rounded in the fundamentals of digital photography. Four areas of instruction will be emphasized: how cameras work, how composition works, how lighting works and how to use photo-editing software. Students learn digital manipulation using Adobe Photoshop to creatively alter digital images as well as analyze and critique. They will see what makes a successful photo and what does not.

    NEW COURSE 2021-2022:
    Half-year, ½ credit (SPRING semester)
    Grades 10-12

    Pre-requisite: Digital Photography I


    Digital Photography II is a half-year course focused on the diverse creative concepts that digital photography has to offer. 
    This course will expand upon the concepts and skills learned in Digital Photography I. 
    Students will explore advanced methods of photo manipulation using Adobe Photoshop and the Adobe Creative Cloud 
    suite to manipulate and transform their photography into original works of art.

    Gill H   

    COMPUTER ART: Design & Animation (currently not offered)

    Half-year, 1/2 credit,  Grades 11-12, Pre-requisite: Digital Photography preferred, but not required.

    In this course, students will work with several different applications from the Adobe Creative Cloud, which is the industry standard for photo manipulation, video, graphic design and animation. Students will learn how to translate sketches and photos into computer art using a variety of venues.

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    Drawing & Painting

    Full year, 1 credit
    Pre-requisite: Studio in Art & Studio in Design
    Grades 11-12

    Drawing Painting is an advanced course for students who want to develop their skills in two dimensional work. Emphasis will be on observational, imaginative and expressive techniques in both drawing and painting with a variety of mediums. Students will be exposed to contemporary and historical artists and art movements as they pertain to project work. A sketchbook is required for assignments, ideas and notes.



    Advanced Studio in Art
    Full Year – 1 credit, Grade 12,  Pre-requisite: Drawing and Painting

    Students will be asked to work more independently developing their own ideas to given themes. While basic skills will be practiced, emphasis is placed on solutions to artistic problems, transitioning into and exploring more personal, stylized, or expressive artwork.



    Ceramics I

    Full year, 1 credit
    Pre-requisite: Studio Art, Design preferred, but can be taken as a co-requisite.

    Ceramics class introduces students to fundamental methods of forming clay. Emphasis is placed on skill development of the three basic hand building techniques: pinch pot, slab construction and coil construction as well as sculptural methods. Students will also have the opportunity to learn basic wheel throwing techniques. The goal is to create decorative, sculptural and functional ceramic pieces with attention to craftsmanship. 


    Ceramics II

    Full year, 1 credit
    Pre-requisite: Ceramics I

    Ceramics II class is an in-depth study of the Ceramics art form. Extensive time will be devoted to developing concept-based designs and creations. A strong emphasis will be placed on individual approaches to design concepts. Students will be instructed in developing specific thematic direction for their work. In addition, a considerable amount of time will be devoted to developing wheel throwing skills. Public displays of completed work accompanied by descriptions of their design process/artistic vision will be a part of this class. This class requires serious individual dedication to



    WSA Sculpture

    .5 Credit, ½ year , one day/week 3-5:30pm
    Fall & Spring semester
    Pre-requisite: Studio in Art & Design

    Woodstock School of Art is offering a unique opportunity for recommended high school students to attend classes on a full scholarship and obtain high school credit. Art classes are typically held after school hours and students are responsible for their own transportation. Students must also document their work in progress with pictures to submit for grading each quarter. See Ms. Hayes for more information about class offerings, time commitment and contacts at the Woodstock School of Art. 

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