•  Studio in Design 2018-19 Assignments:

    6/12/19  Jeopardy Review

    5/16/19  Metamorphosis= Final Project   Final Metamorphosis Project

    3/29/19- Abstract and Non-Objective Art, Slideshow

    3/22/19- Begin Painting Unit- Acrylic Paint

    2/28/19- Introduction to Clay, Slideshow 


    11/15/18-  Practicing Oil Pastel techniques: 

    Blending color in value scales (x 2) and spheres (x2). Monochromatic and Analogous color schemes. 

    Monochromatic and Analogous Color Spheres

    11/14/18-  Franz Marc: Expressive Color Animals   View the slideshow on Franz Marc here

    10 point quiz based on the slideshow. Due to Ms. Frohlich.



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