• Mr. Javsicas  
    Special Education Teacher in the Junior Alternative Learning Program (JALP).   
    Contact me!  I always enjoy hearing from parents and students. 
       - Cell phone: If you are a parent or guardian in my class, call or text my cell phone. This is the best way to find me, particularly if you have questions or concerns about homework.  Really, it's ok!  I wouldn't have given you my phone number unless I wanted you to use it.  Don't have my phone number?  Give a call to the school or stop in.
       - School phone: 247-6561 and ask for David Javsicas.  They are very good at tracking me down. 
       - In person visits/conferences: schedule visits through the guidance office or through me.  I'd love to have you come by!  Generally, 8:35-9:15, 11:00-11:40, and 2:15-3 are my best times, but if that doesn't work, we'll figure something out.
       - Yellow letter: these classroom progress reports come home weekly for a signature, so feel free to add a note next to your signature before you send it back. I'll read it. 
Last Modified on October 3, 2018