•                                                                    WHAT IS SUPPER SUPPORT?

             We started a new program at Mt. Marion called
    Supper Support”. It is designed for students and parents to come to school as a Mt. Marion family to eat supper and complete homework together.  We want to give families the opportunity to work on class assignments with the support of staff members who will be available to answer questions.  We understand that completing homework can be difficult for a variety of reasons.  Supper Support is not a tutoring or extra help session with your child’s teacher.  It is designed to provide encouragement and guidance for parents to assist their child with homework that may be challenging.  We want to create an environment that is supportive and community based, making a strong connection between home and school.

            Supper Support takes place twice a month from 5:30-7pm.   Parents and students will arrive at 5:30 to complete homework in the library, computer lab, cafeteria or a classroom for 45 minutes.  You must remain with your child during the homework session to assist them.  Once homework is complete, you will receive a ticket for dinner in our cafeteria where all families will eat together.  Dinner is provided by staff, local agencies and businesses in the Saugerties area at no cost to you.  It’s free!!

            We need to have a head count of the number of parents and students who will attend each week to order food.  You can print and fill out the form below and return it to school prior to any scheduled Supper Support.

            We look forward to seeing you all at Supper Support!




    ____   Yes, I will attend.             _____________________     Date of Event you are attending.


    ____   Number of students who will attend


    ____   Number of adults who will attend


    _____________     Grade level of students



                                            (Name of adults)


                                            (Name of students)