• Stack of books Welcome!  Saugerties High School host approximately 900 students in grades 9-12.  We are attached to the Saugerties Jr. High which hosts aproximately 475 students in 7th and 8th grade.  We are proud of our facility, teachers, and community.  This is an active school community offering many advanced placement classes as well as encore classes for students.  Our use of computer technology to enhance learning has increased each year.  This year we have added over 150 new Google Chrome computers to our classrooms.  The building is completely wireless which allows for better flexibility with our lap top carts.  We have been able to add several new electives to our curriculum offerings this year including piano, digital photography and manufacturing.  My staff continues to reflect the changes put forth by NYSED in order to offer our students the best possible chance to seek outstanding college and career opportunities.  

    Mr. Averill


    Principal - Mr. Thomas J. Averill
    Secretary -Kimberly Keefe
    Assistant Principal 11th & 12th Grade - Mr. Fred Hirsch
    Secretary - Maureen Rothe
    Assistant Principal 9th & 10th - Lee Molyneaux
    Secretary - Joan Jensen

    Athletic Director - Mr. Dom Zarrella

    Secretary - Virginia Carney

    Student Start and Ending Time: 7:45 AM - 2:08 PM

    Student Start and Ending Time for Scheduled Half-Day's of School: 7:45 AM - 10:13 AM



    Fall has arrived and the high school students are busy with all the many school activities available to them.  Last Saturday we had almost 400 students attend the Mum Bowl Dance.  It is our most popular event of the year.  The students all seemed to enjoy themselves and took plenty of pictures. This Friday night is the "Star Party".  Feel free to join us at dark on the soccer fields in front of the high school to explore the stars while looking through a variety of high powered telescopes.  
    Mr. Averill 


    Mr. Tom Averill
    Mr. Tom Averill



Last Modified on October 10, 2017