•          Sra. Zoraida Aponte (Sra. Z.Ap.)

                    Español 2, 4 & 5

        Google Classroom Rules & Porcedures 

                 2020-2021 school Year




    • Check your school email every weekday morning for Spanish notifications.


    • Follow your schedule during Synchronous Instruction.


    • Sign into your classes using GOOGLE MEET codes associated with your class period.


    • Work from a quiet and appropriate workspace (kitchen table, desk, location with minimal distractions).


    • Microphone mutes unless contributing to the conversation.


    • Online conduct is appropriate and respectful.


    • Strive for Appropriate Attire/Ready for School.


    • Be prepared with Essential Supplies, pencil, pens, notebook,etc.


    • Be ready and ON TIME for Class. 


     Cellular devices/Electronics & Non-negotables:


     Only electronic devices that allow the student to engage in classroom activities are to be used during synchronous class time. 


     NO gum chewing, eating or drinking is permitted during synchronous class time (Water is acceptable).


     You must pay close attention in Spanish class.  In language class, each new concept builds on the last.


    No use of translator at any point and time. Worldreference.com is OK. 




    • Students must attend synchronous classes and attendance must be taken daily. 


    • Work must be completed by the student on a daily basis and is engaged in standards-based learning to be considered present for that day's attendance.


    • Contact Sra. Z.Ap. directly if there are concerns about attendance.


     GRADING: (This will remain consistent throughout the school year)


    Quarterly grades will be based on the following:


    Positive classroom participation.


    Speaking in Spanish (Q & A).


    Ii. Helping with tasks/classroom activities.


    iii. Cooperative Work in Pairs/Groups (Google meet Groups).


     In-class work/Starters 


    Starters are mini assignments that will be given out on a daily basis.


    Generally, the starters will be posted for you to start the day (synchronously & asynchronously).


    Students are to read and answer to the best of their ability.


    (Assignments must be completed with your best effort.- Blank “Turned in” assignments will be returned as a Zero (0pts. earned). 


    Ii. Continued Blank “Turned in” assignments will warrant a Teacher/ Student conference & call home.


    These starters will be completed by the student and collected/checked on a daily basis .


    Homework, Quizzes & Tests


    • Given to check for understanding of concepts and are used to help the teacher find out what the student knows. 


    • Nightly studying and homework completion is imperative to having a successful year. 


     Synchronous and Asynchronous assignments will be found on and submitted our Google Classroom.




    A hands-on approach to learning a language.


    The students will be demonstrating what they have learned through the Projects (DIGITALLY AND ALSO HANDS ON- eventually!!).


    Essential Material for Virtual learning & Hybrid model Spanish class:

    Digital Textbook ¡Avancemos! 2 & Cuaderno (Workbook) (Sp.2), PUNTOS DE PARTIDA (Sp.4), PUNTO Y APARTE (Sp.5)

    1. One binder
    2. Pens/Pencils
    3. Loose leaf paper
    4. folder 
    5. colored pencils/crayons


    *These classes are designed to prepare students to pass the course and the Spanish Final Exam at the end of the year.  For Spanish level 2 it is also designed for students to be ready to move on to Spanish LEVEL 3 and beyond.  Most colleges look for students to have a sequence in Foreign Language & University in the High School level. Spanish level 4 & 5 will earn you 4 COLLEGE CREDITS EACH.  There is also an opportunity to earn a New York State Seal of Biliteracy during Spanish level 4. 


    These rules are your first pages of your Spanish notebook.


    Thank you! I look forward to working with you this year!  Please review these rules with your parent(s)/guardian(s). You and your parent(s)/guardian(s) must sign below (Type in text boxes below).


    ¡Muchas gracias; y bienvenidos a la clase de español!

    Sra. Z.Ap.


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Last Modified on September 7, 2020