• Welcome to Mrs. Mones' Art Studio! 

    Email: amones@saugerties.k12.ny.us 

    Office Hours: Wednesdays are the perfect day to meet with me! I will be available to answer any questions you might have. I will also be available for one-on-one extra help sessions through Google Meet. Email me in advance and I will send you a link to meet.

    Instructional Platforms:
    My classes will be using Google Sites, Google Classroom, and Google Meet. I will continuously share links between these platforms to help make navigation as smooth as possible.
    Google Sites:  This will be our “Class Website” where you will find a collection of videos and slideshows from class, student work, our class syllabus, and other art related resources.
    Google Classroom: This is where students will find daily assignments, submit their work, and receive feedback and grades.
    Google Meet: This is what we will use for our live class discussions.

    Google Classroom - Join Codes:

    Advanced Art - Period 3: us6keol

    Studio In Design - Period 2: tyz7pav

    Studio In Design - Period 5: k75lueb

    Studio In Design - Period 6: xhgbc6m

    Digital Photography - Period 4: tisxzcd

    Digital Photography - Period 7: 4nc3ym6

    Mrs. Mones' Art  Mrs. Mones' Personal Artwork




Last Modified on September 30, 2020