Tech 8 Syllabus

    Introduction to Technology, or Tech 8, is a full year required course for all middle/junior high school students.  This course provides an overview of various technological systems, and follows New York State’s Math, Science and Technology learning standards.


    Tech 8 Supplies

    Students in Tech 8 only need to bring a pencil to class, and make sure they are wearing closed toed shoes (when in the lab).


    Tech 8 Homework Policy

    Students in Tech 8 will not receive “homework” but have projects they need to work on during their class period.  Sometimes students may choose to work on these projects after school or at home, but no formal homework is given.


    Tech 8 Grading Policy Policy

    Projects and Classwork - 80%

    Tests and Quizzes - 20%

    Total - 100%


    Tech 8 Class Postings

    All Tech 8 postings (assignments, tests, days after school) will be posted in Google Classroom and on the physical classroom’s whiteboard.  Projects that are not digital (ie clock, mousetrap car, windchimes, etc) will still be posted in Google Classroom even though these projects will be graded physically in the classroom.


    Tech 8 Class Rules and Expectations

    1) Always listen carefully to the teacher and follow instructions.

    2) Proper footwear must be worn.

    3) Do not run in the workshop

    4) Tie your hair when using machines

    5) Bags should not be brought into the classroom as people can trip over them.

    6) Know where the emergency stop buttons are positioned in the workshop. If you see an accident at the other side of the workshop you can use the emergency stop button to turn off all electrical power to machines.

    7) Always be patient, never rush in the workshop.

    8) Follow all other Saugerites Junior High School rules and expectations



    Tech 8 Course Outline


    Machine Use and Safety

    Students will be introduced to various hand and power tools and learn how to use them in a safe and appropriate manner.


    History of Technology

    Students will research how technology has evolved from the stone age through today



    Students will learn how to use a ruler to measure to 1/16th of an inch


    Seven Resources of Technology

    Students will learn how people, information, materials, tools and machines, time, energy and capital make up the seven resources of technology


    Mechanical Drafting

    Students will learn how to accurately draft their designs using triangles, t-squares, drafting boards, protractors and compasses.



    Students will learn the difference between open looped systems and closed looped systems, as well as how input, output, process and monitors are part of the systems in the world around them


    Computer Coding

    Students will participate in various computer coding exercises

    Stationary Forces

    Students will learn basic statics applications as they apply to bridges



    GPS and Mapping

    Students will utilize handheld GPS units to record and map coordinates in digital applications



    Students will be introduced to various robotic concepts, including the Canadarm, VEX robotics, and underwater SeaPerch ROV.


    CO2 Cars

    Students will evaluate aerodynamics through a project that requires a design and construction of a CO2 car


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