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McKinney-Vento Homeless Program

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Alexis Bulich, LMSW
Saugerties Central Schools McKinney-Vento Liaison
(845)247-6500 x1807

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The Board recognizes the unique challenges that face students in temporary housing (i.e., homeless children and youth) and will provide these students with access to the same free and appropriate public education, including public preschool education, as other students, as well as access to educational and other services necessary to be successful in school. The District will ensure that these students are not separated from the mainstream school environment. The Board is also committed to eliminating barriers to the identification, enrollment, attendance, and success of students in temporary housing.

The District's McKinney-Vento liaison serves as one of the primary contacts between families experiencing homelessness and school staff, district personnel, shelter workers, and other service providers. The McKinney-Vento liaison coordinates services to ensure that homeless children and youth enroll in school and have the opportunity to succeed.

See the full Board Policy here: Policy 7131- Education of Students in Temporary Housing