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DASA Complaints

What constitutes a DASA-level incident?
An incident can be either a single or a series of related verifiable occurrences, regarding bullying, harassment, and/or discrimination, either actual or perceived, based on, but not limited to, the following: race, color, ethnic group, national origin, disability, religious practice, religion, weight, sexual orientation, gender, or sex.


Saugerties Senior High

Thomas Martelli headshot
Alexis  hotshot
Alexis Bulich (Grades 10-12)

Saugerties Junior High

Ginger  headshot
Ginger Vail
Anna headshot
Anna Millenson (Grades 7-9)

Cahill Elementary

Shannon Molvneaux
Tammy headshot
Tammy Carlile

Grant D. Morse Elementary

Kristina Giangreco
Keenan headshot
Keenan Jones

Riccardi Elementary

Paul headshot
Paul Tryon
Arlene headshot
Arlene Parsi

The Saugerties Central School District seeks to create an environment free of harassment, bullying, and discrimination, to foster civility in its schools, and to prevent conduct which is inconsistent with its educational mission. The District, therefore, prohibits all forms of harassment and bullying of students by employees or other students on school property and at school functions. The District further prohibits discrimination against students, including but not limited to those acts based on a person's actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender, or sex by school employees or other students on school property and at school sponsored activities and events that take place at locations off school property. In addition, other acts of harassment, bullying, and/or discrimination which can reasonably be  expected to materially and substantially disrupt the education process may be subject to discipline or other corrective action.

The Superintendent or principal, their designee, or the DAC will lead or supervise the thorough investigation of all reports of harassment, bullying, and/or discrimination and ensure that all investigations are promptly completed after the receipt of a written report. In investigating any allegation, the investigator may seek the assistance of the District's Civil Rights Compliance Officer in investigating, responding to, and remedying complaints of harassment, bullying, and/or discrimination.

When an investigation verifies a material incident of harassment, bullying, and/or discrimination, the Superintendent or principal, their designee, or the DAC will take prompt action, consistent with the District's Code of Conduct, reasonably calculated to end the harassment, bullying, and/or discrimination, eliminate any hostile environment, create a more positive school culture and climate, prevent recurrence of the behavior, and ensure the safety of the student or students against whom the behavior was directed.

Policy # 7550 Dignity for All Students

Guide to Addressing Academic & School Concerns

Classroom Concern: 

Call/Email Teacher 

School Concern:

Call/Email Principal  

District Concern:

Call/Email appropriate Administrator
Curriculum - Dr. Gwendolyn Roraback
Pupil Personnel - Dr. Lisajane Kappler
Special Education - Jaime Churchill
Human Resources - Dr. Daniel Erceg

School Board Concern:

Call/Email School Board Member 

If you cannot determine who to call: Call the District Office 845-247-6550

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