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Cahill Elementary's Grade 4 Students Cultivate History and Sustainability with Three Sisters Garden"**

From exploring the communal living in longhouses to discovering their ingenious Three Sisters gardening method, our young learners have been soaking up history and horticulture.

The Three Sisters method is a brilliant example of "companion" planting where corn, beans, and squash grow together, supporting each other just like a family. 

This method not only enriches the soil but also attracts pollinators and deters pests, creating a sustainable and symbiotic ecosystem. 

To bring this lesson to life, our amazing teachers guided the students in planting their very own Three Sisters garden at Cahill Elementary! 🌟 The students followed traditional planting techniques, even starting with a fish in the hole to enrich the soil—just like the Iroquois did.

It's been a fantastic hands-on experience, connecting our students with nature and teaching them the importance of giving back to the earth.

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