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Chicken Soup with Rice School Play

"Chicken Soup with Rice" is a rhyming book by Maurice Sendak, which was also put to music by Carole King. It uses a little boy's love of chicken soup to help teach children the months and seasons of the year, along with learning a little bit about poetry. Who says you can only slurp chicken soup with rice in January? Chicken soup with rice is nice all year round!

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Chorus members getting ready to sing

Congratulations to Grant D. Morse Elementary School’s Grade 4 musicians! We're thrilled to share that our talented students celebrated the arrival of Spring with a spirited concert held in their cafeteria on June 8. It was an amazing showcase of their musical talents in both the Band and the Chorus.

Students dresses as bugs during a class play at Grant D. Morse

DON’T BUG OUT, but Grant D. Morse Elementary School was infested with a swarm of flying creatures on May 24.