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GDM Students go on a Cultural Learning Journey!

Ramadan is a time when Muslims fast during daylight hours, refraining from eating and drinking. It's also a period for practicing generous acts and giving to those less fortunate. Our amazing Grade 2 teachers, Lorraine Collins and Catherine Averill, invited Aayat Tahir's mother, Rubina Mirza, and Aayat's older sister Zaara Ayaz to the classroom to share their knowledge about this beautiful tradition.

Mirza not only explained the significance of Ramadan but also brought a touch of the festivities to the classroom! After the enlightening discussion, she generously gifted each student a goodie bag filled with lanterns, candy, and star and crescent moon stickers, symbolizing the essence of Ramadan.

Collins expressed her hope that by learning about diverse cultural traditions, our students will develop a deeper understanding and respect for others.

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