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Intuitive Therapist Speaks to Psychology Students

Zarrella spoke about extrasensory perception (ESP), Reiki, intuition, and near-death experiences–and her belief in all of them. She shared her views about why paranormal beliefs and feelings often elicit skepticism and/or criticism, and why we need to normalize these beliefs and feelings in order to fully understand and truly test paranormal activity. Zarrella holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University, and a bachelor's degree in Holistic Psychology from Lesley University. Students were thoroughly intrigued.

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Guest Speaker at the Youth Rally

Earlier this week, Saugerties students joined together with Grade 9 peers from Ulster County schools at an impactful youth rally at SUNY Ulster, aimed at highlighting the dangers of substance abuse. The event featured an incredible speaker, Tony Hoffman, who bravely shared his journey from BMX stardom to addiction and recovery.

Student holds up a sketch of a tree trunk

In Elisa Tucci's Drawing and Painting class, students embarked on a meaningful artistic journey centered around the theme of trees.

Keynote speaker speaking in front of a crowd of students

We are thrilled to announce a County-wide presentation on drug addiction and prevention, specially organized for Grade 9 students, taking place on Monday, October 2, at SUNY Ulster. This educational event is proudly sponsored by the RYAN House, a Saugerties-based organization dedicated to raising awareness about narcotics and providing support for those battling addiction.