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Mystery Uncovered: A Year-Long Adventure!

It all started when human bones were discovered in the school garden, sparking a year-long multidisciplinary simulated crime scene investigation. Here's the scoop:

  • Computer/Video Production Students: kicked things off, covering the discovery like true reporters! They brought the story to life with breaking news updates and insightful interviews.
  • Forensic Students: then took the baton, mapping out the crime scene and performing detailed forensic tests. Using the evidence gathered, they created an image to help identify the mysterious remains. Their hard work paid off when the victim was identified as Douglas Chase—a husband, father, and co-owner of an art auction business.
  • The plot thickened when evidence surfaced implicating Mr. Gibson, Chase's business partner, as a potential suspect. The investigation reached new heights of intrigue and suspense!
  • Mock Trial: The grand finale of our adventure was a mock trial, where students stepped into the shoes of attorneys and jurors. Saugerties had the incredible honor of welcoming former Saugerties alum and retired Ulster County District Attorney Holley Carnright to preside over the case. Our students passionately debated and examined the complexities of finding justice for crime victims. Art students also captured the courtroom activities with courtroom sketches, while Computer/Video Production students televised the case live. 

The entire journey has been an incredible learning experience, full of excitement and real-world applications. Kudos to all our talented students for their dedication and hard work! 

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