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Science Research Symposium

During the event, six students presented the results of their original scientific research before an audience of parents, teachers, mentors, and fellow students. Topics included the Effects of Memory Reconsolidation and Extinction on Fear Memory; Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Hubble’s Constant Effect on the Universe; and Invasive Species Management. 

The Saugerties Science Research Program started in the fall of 2022 with a class of five sophomores and one junior. Science Research is a college course offered at the High School in partnership with the State University of New York at Albany. This three-year program allows students to explore specific fields in science while offering them the opportunity to earn12 college credits.  

During the course of the program, the young scientists research a topic of their choice. Under the guidance of a mentor from a science-related institution, the students then design their own science research project. The students compose a formal research plan, write a review of literature, and conduct a unique experiment. 

“The goal is to help foster the next generation of researchers, as well as connect students with mentors who can help link them with colleges, universities, and careers post-high school,” said science teacher Chelsea Defino. 

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