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Unearthing Justice: A High School's Investigation into a Grisly Discovery

The project involves a mock crime scene, with students from various disciplines, such as Chemistry, Forensics, Video Production, Psychology, and Digital Photography playing specific roles. The culmination is a spring mock trial, where law students act as attorneys and courtroom personnel. Students will reflect on their journey to understand the complexities of achieving justice for crime victims.

Concerns Grow from the Bones Found in the Garden

On November 15, a gruesome discovery of skeletal bones was made in a fenced-in garden area at the back of the High School. Police were called to the scene. The area was immediately roped off to help preserve the crime scene as much as possible. Crime Scene Investigators began to document the scene, search for evidence, and hold interviews with those who first made the discovery. The Forensic Photographers took photos of the entire crime scene, evidence, and the location of the victim in relation to the scene.

The news spreads like wildfire. Drawing attention from school neighbors and local TV crews. Reporters began searching for answers to questions like who the victim was and how they ended up in the garden.

A press conference was held late in the afternoon by the Chief Investigator. 

Next up: Forensic technicians will need to analyze materials found at the scene: foot prints, DNA, and/or hair follicles. Detectives will continue to follow up on evidence found at the scene. Reporters will continue to dig for the story.

Stay tuned for part two of this series.

A student forensic photographer takes photos at the crime scene
Crime Scene Investigators Document the scene
student reporter is holding a mircrophone in front of his camera man.
the press corps listen in to the chief investigator speak during a press conference

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