• Virtual Learning

    The first 5 weeks of School will be utilize a Virtual Learning approach. The school day will be broken into Synchronous and Asynchronous times that will alternate.

    Virtual Model

    Sawyer Expectations:

    • Students are expected to follow their schedule during Synchronous Instruction. 

    • Students will receive an email notification to join specific teacher's google classrooms.

    • Senior High Students will sign into their classes using the Google Meet code associated with the class period. (Study Halls will not have codes)

    • Students should have a quiet and appropriate workspace(i.e. kitchen table, desk, location with minimal distractions)

    • Microphone muted unless contributing to the conversation

    • Online conduct is appropriate and respectful

    • Strive for Appropriate Attire/Ready for School

    • Prepared with Essential Supplies Pencil, Pen Notebooks etc...

    • Established Internet Connection(Contact Building Principal if this is an issue)




    Remember Students are expected to join classes on time during Synchronous Class times