Ulster BOCES student based programs will begin the school year fully remote.  Saugerties CTE  1st year students only (including New Visions) will attend in person on Wednesday, September 23rd for program orientation, lab safety, and lab and tool orientation; 2nd year CTE students will remain remote. Beginning September 30th, all 1st and 2nd year students will attend in-person  for development of practical skills in the lab. Wednesdays will continue to be in person for Saugerties students. Theory and practical skills reinforcement will continue in the virtual setting via zoom and Google Classroom. 

    BOCES will run 9:30am-1:00pm "In-Person"on Wednesdays. The remainder of the week students will follow their regular BOCES schedule virtually.

    Students should bring a bag lunch. No Lunch will be provided at the BOCES site.

    We will be providing Bus Transportation 

    BOCES is opening up parking permits for students. If you would like a form please call  845-247-6500 X-1801 or X-1802


    HVPA, Phoenix, and Ramapo will be guided by the same reduced student load; each following the hybrid schedule already published.  


    For More Information See the Ulster BOCES Website https://www.ulsterboces.org/


    Attention Parents and Guardians of BOCES students:

    BOCES will continue to run on Wednesdays for live instruction. When your student attends the Hybrid program at Saugerties Senior High, they will be provided a space either morning or afternoon to work on their Remote BOCES Instruction.