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    Remote Learning

    Asynchronous vs Synchronous






    Asynchronous assignments may include:

    Pre Work: students reading texts, watching videos, listening to podcasts, exploring teacher-curated resources online, and taking notes. 

    Post Work: like additional review and practice, research and exploration, or reflection that build on the work students did in synchronous sessions.


    Asynchronous learning may be more difficult for some students

    If a student has trouble being self-disciplined consider the following tips:

    Find a quiet place with minimal distractions

    Follow a strict schedule on Asynchronous classes. 

    Check into each class and write down each required task

    Create a to do list

    Use the google calendar to organize your assignments

    Pace yourself and schedule breaks 

    Do not procrastinate

    Reflect on assignments and reach out to teachers with questions

    Consider reaching out to other students with questions

    If you feel overwhelmed ask for help