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    Saugerties Senior High Parking Permit




    Fees waived until January

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    NOTE:  All vehicles must have current and valid registration, inspection and insurance. 

    Violation of the following rules/regulations will result in disciplinary action including, but not limited to, warning, detention, OSS, temporary or permanent loss of parking privileges, police notification, and vehicle may be towed from school property at owner’s expense. 

    To reserve a parking space, seniors (juniors and sophomores if space is available) will be asked to pay $25.00 to Saugerties Central Schools.  This money will be used to help fund both the junior and senior post prom parties.  If a temporary or permanent suspension of parking privileges occurs, student will forfeit remainder of payment. 

    Suspension of a New York driver’s license, or cancellation of insurance, will result in immediate loss of parking privileges.  Students are required to give notice should either of the above occur.   

    Repeated unexcused tardiness to school may result in suspension of parking privileges.

    All Students parking on school property MUST:

    1. Register vehicles at Saugerties Senior High School.  Students receiving permission to park on school property will be issued a parking tag.  Parking spaces for students is limited.  Seniors may park in the student parking area in the lot to the left when entering.  All sophomores and juniors will park in the lot to the right.  
    2. Have a valid, numbered parking tag displayed on the rear view mirror.  Spaces will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis.
    3. Maintain 90% attendance in school.  Parking privileges will be suspended if attendance falls below 90% in a marking period.  Students will be allowed five weeks to improve attendance before their spot is transferred to another student.  Exceptions due to extenuating circumstances may be granted by high school administration.  
    4. Keep their vehicle locked and windows secured. Keys must be removed from the vehicle.  Saugerties Central School District is not responsible for theft from or damage to vehicles parked on school property.   

    All Students parking on school property WILL NOT

    1. Go to their cars during the school day unless they have received permission from the high school office.
    2. Leave school without permission.
    3. Transport students off school property during the school day.
    4. Drive in a reckless, dangerous, irresponsible manner anywhere on school property.
    5. Create excessive noise while operating their vehicle.
    6. Drive to the Career & Technical center without prior approval from the Saugerties High School Administration, the Career & Technical Administration and from a parent/guardian

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