• mole day  
    Important Info
    • This is a Regents class with an exam in June. In order to take the exam and receive credit for the class (a diploma requirement), 20 hours of lab work will need to be completed before students are permitted to attempt the exam. Lab work will be done during the lab period and all lab work will be kept in a folder in my classroom. Lab meets every other day in addition to the class period. I will not be providing instruction through the Google classroom unless we are 100% remote, but work will be posted for students who are absent. 
    Course Syllabus
    • Click on Living Environment Course Outline Tab for Course syllabus 

    Supply List

    • A binder will be needed to organize class handouts, 1- 1 1/2 inches in size 
    • Paper
    • Pens or Pencils 
    • Colored pencils are OPTIONAL 

    Classroom rules/expectations       Mole Day!

    • Try your best
    • Ask Questions
    • Complete assignments
    • Participate in class. 
    • Be respectful


    Days I am staying after school will be posted in the classroom. Typically, I am available for students on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday weekly. 

    Contact info- The best way to reach me is through email! I check daily.

     Practice Regents exams: www.nysedregents.org/LivingEnvironment

    End of year review: Review Power Point

Last Modified on October 21, 2021