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New High School and Junior High Principals


Saugerties Central School District Appoints New High School and Junior High School Principals


The Saugerties Central School District will have two new principals when the 2020-2021 school year begins in September. On May 12, the Board of Education appointed Tim Reid as the principal of Saugerties High School and Ginger Vail as the principal of the Junior High School.

Reid currently serves as the vice principal of Miller Middle School in the Kingston City School District. He said he is humbled and excited about coming to Saugerties. “The High School has a great reputation and I am honored to have been chosen as its principal,” he said.

Superintendent of Schools Kirk Reinhardt recommended Reid and Vail—who were two of 12 applicants—after a lengthy interview process that included being reviewed by two separate panels. Reinhardt said Reid’s interview is what assured him that the experienced educator and administrator was the right one for the 9-12 principal. “He has a great understanding of education, special education, student struggles, and the importance of rigorous academics,” Reinhardt said of Reid. “He is also a strong leader who is extremely student focused.”

Reid has 27 years of public education experience as both a teacher and administrator. He has served as a special education teacher, summer school principal, high school assistant principal, and vice principal.

Reid said his top priority come July 1 will be to start thinking about how the District will begin to transition students back to school and how to create the most successful outcomes for students. “I’m not a one-size-fits-all kind of guy,” he said. “A high school path is different for everyone, and I want to help students make the best decisions they can for themselves.”

No stranger to Saugerties, Ginger Vail has served as the assistant principal of the Junior High School for the last four years. Reinhardt explained that in the past, there were two building principals—one for the Junior High and another for the Senior High School. After interviewing Vail, he said it became apparent that it was time to go back to that set up. “Vail is also student centered and has a great ability to connect with her student population,” he said.

Vail has 24 years of experience in public education. Prior to being the assistant principal in Saugerties, she worked as a mathematics teacher and was the Mathematics Department Chairperson for the Junior/Senior High School. “The Saugerties community and its children matter greatly to me and always will,” she said. “I call them my own and in these virtual times, I miss them very much.”

Reinhardt added, “The qualities and experiences these two administrators possess closely align with the leadership profiles developed by their respective school communities. I couldn’t be happier.”

Reid will succeed current principal Tom Averill, who is retiring effective June 30. Vail will begin under her new title on July 1.

District officials said opportunities will be made for members of the public to meet Reid as soon as conditions allow.