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Social Worker Interns assisting SCSD familes


It is no secret that many parents and students have been struggling with remote learning since last spring. As we enter the first school year of its kind—with both remote and hybrid learning at play—students and their families are dealing with technical, emotional, and academic issues that if left unresolved could act as stumbling blocks to a productive school year.

            The Saugerties Central School District is offering District parents and students a lifeline during these challenging times. Students from Adelphi University who are majoring in Social Work will serve as interns, providing parents and students with much-needed support. These interns will be reaching out to parents periodically to check in and find out what issues they can help them resolve.

            “They will provide helpful information and support in navigating some of the stressors caused by the current educational setting,” said Saugerties High School Principal Timothy Reid.

            Some students, he noted, are facing pandemic-related challenges, including food insecurity, loss of family income, loss of family members, and fears of catching the virus themselves. Their learning abilities and social skills may suffer as they struggle with technology and miss out on social interactions they used to enjoy.

            The interns will be able to provide personal counseling, as well as help link students and families to community resources. They can also help resolve technical issues students may be having in connecting to their classrooms virtually.

            “During a health emergency such as this, school social workers are essential staff and play a vital role in ensuring that students continue to receive much-needed mental health, education, and other services,” says intern Delphine Uwanomen, who is completing her Master’s degree in Social Work. She plans to become a Licensed Social Worker and specialize in working with adolescents, adults, and families.

            “With this internship, I hope to become more aware of the challenges faced by those I plan to serve, and I hope to become more skilled at designing effective interventions,” she added.

            The interns will be placing calls Monday through Friday from 3 PM - 6:30 PM. Besides Delphine Uwanomen, other interns include Sarah Lefry, Tianna Burnett, Elizabeth Sullivan, Makeda Thomas, Corinne Vazac, and Samantha Bulgin-Beckles.

            Besides phone contact, each intern will also be available remotely through Google Meets by appointment. This service can be arranged by contacting Dr. Lisajane Kappler at 

Dr. Lisajane Kapler
845-247-6550 x9205