Phone Changes - jjl

Please Note:

The District has been doing many upgrades and improvements over the summer.  One of the big updates is our new phone system.  With this addition, some of the numbers you may have been used to are now changed.  To reach any building you can call 845-247-6500 and follow the prompts to get in touch with the office you are looking for.  Additionally, you can call the schools directly.  These numbers have not changed.
Senior High School - 845-247-6651
Junior High School - 845-247-6561
Cahill Elementary - 845-247-6800
Morse Elementary - 845-247-6960
Mt. Marion Elementary - 845-247-6920
Riccardi Elementary - 845-247-6870 
Business Office - 845-247-6520
Special Education - 845-247-6804
Athletic Office - 845-247-6561 Ext. 2720
If you need to contact the Senior High Nurse's Office, you can dial 845-247-6651 Ext. 1799