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District approved technology

New York State adopted Part 121 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education on January 3, 2020. These regulations focus on cybersecurity, with an emphasis on protecting personally identifiable information for our students. In addition, Saugerties would like to promote consistency in its programming for our students.

The titles on the attached Google Sheets contain the district approved technology that meets the new regulations and supports our programming. Please note the tabs at the bottom of the Google Sheets.

Any technology not on this list will be BLOCKED starting March 1, 2020. Any technology you would like to propose must go through the attached Technology Adoption Process.

At no point should students be creating accounts or entering personally identifiable information. Any student accounts will be generated by the district for approved and supported technology. Students may enter made-up nicknames for programs such as Kahoot.

District Supported/Approved Technology:
● Students must use District provided usernames and passwords

District Approved Technology, but tech support is not provided:
● Students must NEVER enter personal information
● Teachers can create accounts at their own risk

Technology Adoption Form:
Turn completed forms to your technology liaison, who will get the required signatures and forward to the Director of H.R. for review.

UPDATED 05/30/2024